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Raine Collindale, Teppenpaw
Fully accredited CATS passer right here
Fri Feb 16, 2018 22:08

Raine took her seat proudly in Herbology. Her sixth year studies were composed of the two full courses - Herbology and Defence - in which she’d actually achieved passing CATS grades, plus a few other subjects where she would just study the practicals. This was partly a safeguard in case she couldn’t handle the RATS level exams, because if she passed enough practical subjects, she could scrape graduating high school, and partly because it was always useful to keep improving her practical skills. Still, she felt a bit of a fraud sometimes in those classes. Everyone knew she wasn’t that academic, and that there was no way she could achieved passing grades in all those subjects, especially as her courseload included practical Transfiguration (conjuring and vanishing things in the middle of a circus act was definitely a useful skill to have!). But with Herbology, she actually deserved to be here. She had earnt a place in the greenhouse.

She had been a little bit afraid that the second she got into a RATS classroom, she wouldn’t understand what anyone was saying, but that hadn’t been the case. She actually found she could follow the classes and do the work. And today’s herbology assignment seemed well within her capabilities. She took a glance over the notes for each plant, to know what kind of soil they prefered, how much room they needed, how deep to plant the seeds and so on, but it all seemed fine. And Professor Xavier was someone who she trusted not to have put a hidden catch in the lesson to trick them. He liked his plants and he cared about them. He wouldn’t risk letting the students manhandle them. And he wasn’t mean like that anyway. She liked him for both of these things.

She began by labelling her pots, copying the plant names carefully from the books so she didn’t misspell them. Then she put on her gloves, dragonhide for protection but charmed to give more sensitivity through the fabric which was handy in a delicate job like this. She filled one of her pots two thirds full, before firmly pinching one of the Devil’s Snare seeds (they could be known to wriggle just a little) and dropping it in. She would chat happily with her neighbour if they approached her but she didn’t feel the need to always be striking up a conversation. She hummed softly to herself as she covered over the first of her seeds and set that pot to one side.

  • Advanced Herbology: RATS - Professor Xavier, Fri Feb 9 09:26
    For the very first time, Professor Nathan Xavier was teaching RATS material in Sonora's Advanced Herbology class. The seventh years had taken the CATS last year as sixth years, and the sixth years... more
    • Fully accredited CATS passer right here - Raine Collindale, Teppenpaw, Fri Feb 16 22:08
      • Certified awkward person here. - Joe Umland, Teppenpaw , Sun Feb 25 22:00
        Joe was not going to have a dangerous occupation. Joe was not going to have an occupation that involved world travel, dangerous personalities, outside, dangerous substances, or anything like that. He ... more
        • Make that two - Raine, Tue Feb 27 06:24
          Raine’s spirits dropped slightly as Joe pointed out how likely to die all their plants were. She supposed it made sense… If something was rare… Perhaps? But there were lots of things that were... more
          • The more the...merrier? - Joe, Tue Feb 27 13:06
            “That’s a good point,” said Joe when Raine pointed out that it might not be the Pritcher’s Porritch’s own fault it was not very good at being alive, at least in the wild. John was always ranting... more
            • Yay - Raine, Fri Mar 2 08:42
              Good point. Joe had just told her that she had made a good point. Raine smiled into her plant pots. “Sounds nice,” she commented cheerily, when he talked about having vacation. She spent most of her... more
              • And now I look foolish. - Joe, Mon Mar 5 21:26
                Oh, dear. Now he had to either sound like a jetsetter or lie. Lying was bad when unnecessary. “My sister’s husband decided to take her to France for their anniversary, and Julian decided to invite me ... more
                • Been there, done that - Raine, Tue Mar 6 06:42
                  “Wow, your sister’s husband sounds fancy,” Raine commented, entirely neutrally. She had never thought much about whether Joe’s family had money. She suspected they had more than hers because most... more
                  • It's not a club I wanted to join. - Joe, Wed Mar 7 14:34
                    Joe shrugged at the assessment of William, glad that he had apparently successfully been able to deflect blame from his family and onto his brother-in-law. “Yeah,” said Joe. “He works for the... more
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