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Fri Mar 2, 2018 08:42

Good point. Joe had just told her that she had made a good point. Raine smiled into her plant pots.

“Sounds nice,” she commented cheerily, when he talked about having vacation. She spent most of her summer on the road, travelling around different places in the US and, though it was technically work, she found it more fun than anything. They hit a lot of the same cities, but some had favourite spots she was glad to see again, whilst in others she made new discoveries. “It’s nice to travel. Where’d you go?” she asked pleasantly.

“Thanks,” she positively beamed when he congratulated her on her exam results. He’d seemed to relax a little bit, and she was wondering whether she’d just imagined his tone before. Although she was usually pretty good at picking up on how people were feeling… “I-” she was about to share further details when his plant pot upended itself all over him, causing he to squeak in surprise.

“I… Professor Xavier wouldn’t try to catch us out like that,” she said, when Joe asked her to confirm that that was not supposed to happen. If it had been any other teacher, she might have suspected it, especially with them stepping up to advanced, but her tone was one of absolute certainty. “But… maybe you got given a seed for something else by mistake?” she suggested.

She cautiously placed one of her own seeds into its pot, but this action went off without incident, and she gave Joe a small shrug, having nothing further to offer in terms of explanation as to what had just happened to him.

  • The more the...merrier? - Joe, Tue Feb 27 13:06
    “That’s a good point,” said Joe when Raine pointed out that it might not be the Pritcher’s Porritch’s own fault it was not very good at being alive, at least in the wild. John was always ranting... more
    • Yay - Raine, Fri Mar 2 08:42
      • And now I look foolish. - Joe, Mon Mar 5 21:26
        Oh, dear. Now he had to either sound like a jetsetter or lie. Lying was bad when unnecessary. “My sister’s husband decided to take her to France for their anniversary, and Julian decided to invite me ... more
        • Been there, done that - Raine, Tue Mar 6 06:42
          “Wow, your sister’s husband sounds fancy,” Raine commented, entirely neutrally. She had never thought much about whether Joe’s family had money. She suspected they had more than hers because most... more
          • It's not a club I wanted to join. - Joe, Wed Mar 7 14:34
            Joe shrugged at the assessment of William, glad that he had apparently successfully been able to deflect blame from his family and onto his brother-in-law. “Yeah,” said Joe. “He works for the... more
            • Raine wasn’t quite sure what to make of Joe’s assessment of William. Firstly, she wasn’t sure that working for the government and having no self-esteem issues led automatically to being rich enough... more
              • Oh? Well, that was helpful. In that vein, he also had some oceanfront property here in Arizona…. “With this ball thing coming up,” he elaborated. “I thought for sure they would cancel the prefect’s... more
                • “Oh. Right. I’d forgotten about that from last time,” Raine smiled sympathetically when Joe mentioned having to do the prefect dance. “It doesn’t seem like a lot of fun,” she added. She couldn’t... more
                  • What about putting both feet in it? - Joe, Wed Mar 21 21:58
                    Well, that was clear enough. I’d die of embarrassment if that was me. No room for ambiguity, anyway. Joe supposed that was a good thing. Ambiguity had been the source of some of the awkwardness last... more
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