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And now I look foolish.
Mon Mar 5, 2018 21:26

Oh, dear. Now he had to either sound like a jetsetter or lie. Lying was bad when unnecessary. “My sister’s husband decided to take her to France for their anniversary, and Julian decided to invite me and Mom and Dad and John to come along,” he said, trying to make it sound as casual as possible. “It was really cool, I enjoyed it - but I had no idea what anyone was saying.” That was true. Mom had tried to teach them French, but Paul was the only one, staying at home, who’d had the opportunity to gain any real skill in it. Joe could probably not die on his own in Quebec, could acquire food and lodging, but it would be a challenge, especially if there was more talking or listening than puzzling out signs.

Raine sounded very sure in her assessment of Professor Xavier’s character, and Joe had to admit that he had no real reason to suspect she was wrong. Plus, nobody else had a plant exploding all over them. Just him. And teachers, being adults, didn't pull pranks on individuals, and how could someone else have set it up? Raine's explanation made much more sense. Raine, for someone who had nearly had a breakdown last year over academics, was being remarkably good at sounding smarter than him this class....

“Maybe you’re right,” said Joe, glumly brushing more dirt off his robes - how did the stuff spread so widely so quickly? “Again,” he added with a smile that wasn’t entirely forced. “If I’m ever in charge of something, remind me to ask you to come on staff to say reasonable stuff when I think everything’s a conspiracy,” he joked.

  • Yay - Raine, Fri Mar 2 08:42
    Good point. Joe had just told her that she had made a good point. Raine smiled into her plant pots. “Sounds nice,” she commented cheerily, when he talked about having vacation. She spent most of her... more
    • And now I look foolish. - Joe, Mon Mar 5 21:26
      • Been there, done that - Raine, Tue Mar 6 06:42
        “Wow, your sister’s husband sounds fancy,” Raine commented, entirely neutrally. She had never thought much about whether Joe’s family had money. She suspected they had more than hers because most... more
        • It's not a club I wanted to join. - Joe, Wed Mar 7 14:34
          Joe shrugged at the assessment of William, glad that he had apparently successfully been able to deflect blame from his family and onto his brother-in-law. “Yeah,” said Joe. “He works for the... more
          • Raine wasn’t quite sure what to make of Joe’s assessment of William. Firstly, she wasn’t sure that working for the government and having no self-esteem issues led automatically to being rich enough... more
            • Oh? Well, that was helpful. In that vein, he also had some oceanfront property here in Arizona…. “With this ball thing coming up,” he elaborated. “I thought for sure they would cancel the prefect’s... more
              • “Oh. Right. I’d forgotten about that from last time,” Raine smiled sympathetically when Joe mentioned having to do the prefect dance. “It doesn’t seem like a lot of fun,” she added. She couldn’t... more
                • What about putting both feet in it? - Joe, Wed Mar 21 21:58
                  Well, that was clear enough. I’d die of embarrassment if that was me. No room for ambiguity, anyway. Joe supposed that was a good thing. Ambiguity had been the source of some of the awkwardness last... more
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