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Professor Nathan Xavier
Intermediates: Bubotubers
Fri Mar 9, 2018 11:54

As was his norm, Nathan met the Intermediates at the door and returned their graded homework essays from last week with a personal comment praising their work or suggesting a visit to his office hours. Once everyone had arrived at Greenhouse One, and taken seats at the long worktable than ran down the center of the building, he moved to the south end where sunning racks were filled with enough potted plants for each intermediate student to have one, though these were less green and leafy than most of the ones they worked with.

"Anyone know what these are?" he asked by way of opening the lesson, and he waved his wand to start distributing them one per student. "Please don't touch," he warned, though he doubted any of them much wanted to, seeing as the plants looked like thick, black, giant slugs, even squirming a bit as they grew vertically out of the soil. Each plant was also covered with many large shiny swellings, filled with a yellow-green pus that emitted a horrendous gasoline type of odor.

"That's right," he confirmed when he got a correct answer, "Bubotubers. They are not very pretty to look at," he admitted, "but their pus is an important component in several healing potions. However, touching it directly in its natural state is not recommended because it will cause boils if it comes into contact with unprotected skin. Once diluted and processed, however, it is also very effective in curing acne."

"Today we will be harvesting the pus. If you didn't bring your dragonhide gloves today, there are some spares on my desk. You should each also have a large needle and a glass vial in front of you for collecting it. Poke a swollen area with the needle to make an opening, then use your wands to draw the pus out and into your vials. You can use the Hover charm for that, which most of you should know by now. Third years, you can just squeeze the swellings to harvest the pus if you haven't learned that yet. Again, do be careful not to get any of it on you."

"You may begin."

OOC - As you know, posts earn House Points based on length, relevance, creativity and realism. If you have any issues, please tag me in the subject line, particularly if you are about to get squirted with pus.

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