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I’m rapidly developing my awareness of this fact.
Mon Mar 12, 2018 22:18


Well, that was helpful. In that vein, he also had some oceanfront property here in Arizona….

“With this ball thing coming up,” he elaborated. “I thought for sure they would cancel the prefect’s dance after my brother’s...stunt a few years ago, but I guess tradition doesn’t give up that easily.” Much to John’s chagrin generally, though Joe suspected that in this case, the main problem was probably the staff just assuming John was Just That Peculiar rather than that he’d meant to mock the whole tradition. There had to be some disadvantages, he supposed, to being John, and one of them could well be that one’s regular behavior was eccentric enough that it went unnoticed when one went out of one’s way to extend a seven-foot-tall impudent digit in the staff’s general direction….

“I guess my sister goes to them sometimes, now that she’s married to the would-be Minister and all - “ that was a part of Julian’s life that he knew relatively little about, and which he suspected she tried to downplay severely whenever she was with the family, as Paul and John were apt as not to have a bit of fun with the idea of her as some kind of Pureblood dame even when she didn’t admit to things like going to honest-to-goodness balls despite still being, well, Julian - “but fancy dances are...not something I really know much about.” Of course, he had been to one, a few years ago, but he had not really had attention to spare for the event itself due to unforeseen circumstances. The regrettable incident with the scenery was amusing in retrospect, but at the time, Joe had spent most of his evening contemplating the merits of trying to drown himself in a vat of punch.

  • Raine wasn’t quite sure what to make of Joe’s assessment of William. Firstly, she wasn’t sure that working for the government and having no self-esteem issues led automatically to being rich enough... more
    • I’m rapidly developing my awareness of this fact. - Joe, Mon Mar 12 22:18
      • “Oh. Right. I’d forgotten about that from last time,” Raine smiled sympathetically when Joe mentioned having to do the prefect dance. “It doesn’t seem like a lot of fun,” she added. She couldn’t... more
        • What about putting both feet in it? - Joe, Wed Mar 21 21:58
          Well, that was clear enough. I’d die of embarrassment if that was me. No room for ambiguity, anyway. Joe supposed that was a good thing. Ambiguity had been the source of some of the awkwardness last... more
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