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Kir McLeod, Teppenpaw
Some reading for Ronin (or a leaflet for Lily)
Sun Mar 25, 2018 10:03

Kir made his way to the greenhouse in distinctly cheerful mood. So far, this year was being pretty good to him. Ok, there was a decided amount of weirdness in the air, and perhaps more than was strictly normal even for a magical school, but so far said weirdness’ only direct effect on him had been a chance to make Amber-Zevalyn call him cute. He still smiled whenever that fact crossed his mind. He probably should have capitalised on that moment and asked her out there and then, but they’d been busy with their kneazle testing. He would though. It wasn’t like it had been with Kit, where asking her out had been so fraught with familial complications, and where he hadn’t been sure how she felt. Amber-Zevalyn had none of those complications - plus there was the ball, and she was a prefect, so she needed a partner, and she thought he was cute.

Whilst many an objective observer would have said that Zevalyn was not looking at her best that day, Kir was most definitely no longer objective. Unfortunately, the seat next to her was taken, so he had to sit a few places along from her. He fanned himself with a piece of parchment whilst Professor Xavier talked. He knew what the plant was but his mind was wandering over how damn hot it was in here and he didn’t put his hand up to answer.

Their task did not sound glamorous, but herbology rarely was. At minimum, you were messing about with soil. He pulled on his gloves, wishing they weren’t a necessity as he was getting warmer by the minute. He glanced in the non-Amber-Zevalyn direction and noticed another of his D&D buddies, Ronin (he habitually thought of them all by their D&D names, but them especially so seeing as ‘Lily’ really did not seem to fit the short haired, boyish person) sitting a few places down. He found Ronin… interesting, and he wanted to help them. Or to know whether they needed help. They were clearly very gender non-conforming and he thought they came from the kind of family that didn’t really approve of that kind of thing, i.e. exactly the kind of person his family helped. But he wasn’t really sure how to raise the subject with them, in case they were… just kind of a tomboy, or didn’t want to talk about it with someone they didn’t know. He carried McLeod foundation business cards and leaflets with him most of the time, but he’d had the specific one on gender (which outlined the idea of gender as a social construct, and the ideas of gender non-conforming, gender-fluidity and being transgender) in his bag, with the intention of giving it to Ronin at the first opportunity.

He was about to tend to his plant, when there was a cry of surprise from the other side of the table. He looked up to see… nothing. But a space of nothingness that seemed to be causing no end of confusion and distraction, alongside which he could swear that the temperature in here was just not normal right now. He regretted the fact that Ronin was a few seats down. There was certainly enough going on right now that he thought he could have slipped them the leaflet with a quiet ‘I thought you might want this’ or ‘Just in case you need it’ without anyone noticing. He glanced down as a movement in the corner of his eye attracted his attention. His satchel, which was on the ground beside him, was wiggling. It opened and he watched, as the leaflet (hidden beneath the height of the bench) flew across and tucked itself into Ronin’s bag. Well, that was… convenient.

He turned to his plant, trying to focus on that, but it was hard when it was so very warm…

“Do these things need a tropical climate or something?” he asked his neighbour, as he tentatively lifted the syringe. He poked one of the pustules carefully, making a small hole out of which some unpleasant looking goo began to seep. It was never a good day when the verb ‘seep’ could be applied. “Remind me never to become a Healer. Don’t think I could stomach it,” he admitted, his face backing up this assertion with a distinctly revolted look. He lifted his wand, siphoning the pus into one of the little vials. “Ugh,” he muttered.

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    • Some reading for Ronin (or a leaflet for Lily) - Kir McLeod, Teppenpaw, Sun Mar 25 10:03
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