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Professor Xavier
If this keeps up, Iím not going to be here either
Wed Mar 28, 2018 09:57

Nathan noticed the temperature rising as he gave his mini-lecture but didnít think much of it. This was a green house and the sun was shining. It was perfectly normal for it to get warmer as the day went on. However, it kept rising and faster than it really should this late in the year. When he reached the point where he needed to wipe sweat from his brow, he started looking around for any obvious cause for the unusual temperature discrepancy.

He was just narrowing in on Zevalyn Ives, who was visibly shivering and huddled in on herself like she was somehow cold in this tropical heat when a surprised cry sounded through the greenhouse and he spun toward it. To see nothing unusual. He quickly realized, though, that what he wasnít seeing was anything but usual. Just moments ago, Georgia Kirkly had been sitting there and now her seat appeared to be empty, while the sound of her ending shriek was coming from that empty space.

ďGeorgia?Ē he began, approaching her seemingly unoccupied work stool deciding this was the more immediate problem. Disappearing students took a slight priority over probably feverish ones, even if the feverish one was making everyone else sweat. ďAre you okay?Ē

It was perhaps a stupid question, seeing (or not) that she had somehow become invisible or something, but he was mostly trying to gauge (a) whether she was even still there, and (b) whether any other harm had befallen her aside from the disappearing act. And to assess either of those, he needed her to talk to him.

  • For someone who's not here, I'm awfully distracting - Georgia Kirkly, Teppenpaw, Mon Mar 19 10:09
    There was some kind of slug plant on all the desks. It was all black and squirmy and covered in these boils. Were they sick? They looked like they might be sick, and like their lesson was going to be ... more
    • If this keeps up, Iím not going to be here either - Professor Xavier, Wed Mar 28 09:57
      • This isn't fair - Georgia, Mon Apr 2 09:37
        Was she ok? Seriously? Georgia raised her eyebrows, giving Professor Xavier her best Are you freaking kidding me? look before remembering he couldnít see he because- ďIím invisible!Ē she replied,... more
        • I sympathize completely - Professor Xavier, Mon Apr 2 10:39
          Invisible, yes, good. Well, not good, but she was at least still present and he now knew her location based on where her voice was coming from, so while she was spilling a stream of half-panicked... more
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