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Lily Spencer, Pecari
Maybe remove your jacket? (leaflet received)
Wed Mar 28, 2018 17:11

After the devastating fever that sent her to the Hospital Wing, Lily had been feeling sprightly. Strange magical occurrences were still going on, but it didn't seem attached to her directly anymore. She was glad to be well again - Merlin knew Quidditch wasn't going to play itself and she was certainly not going to give her position as Seeker away.

Herbology was one of the most boring classes, but she enjoyed it because it was something her father had been interested in for a bit. If she knew the basics at least, she would be able to hold a conversation about it. Dull ones, obviously. The autumn weather was warm today, so she left her jacket in her room as she hurried to class. In a few months it would be snowing here, though she knew by now that the weather at Sonora did not reflect Arizona temperatures in the least. Still, she was looking forward to winter and the cold.

Lily took her essay from Professor X and glanced at it. She'd been doing rather well since her illness as well, as if the fever had addled her brain for the better. She sat down next to one of her DnD friends, though Zevalyn didn't seem very happy. "Is it?" she replied, slightly confused. "I feel rather warm, actually. I do miss summer, though, and the seaside."

The plant they were working with today was ghastly, and Lily scrunched up her nose at it. "Ugh!" She couldn't help the noise she made as pus oozed from one of the swellings. She, of course, had not yet purchased her own dragon-hide gloves, so Lily went to borrow one of the spares. She pulled them on and glanced at Zev. "You all right? You look rather pale," she said, her eyebrows coming together in concern. "Let me see if I've got any medicine. I usually carry it around just in case."

Lily removed her gloves and picked up her bag to rifle through it. She curiously pulled out a leaflet that was resting on top of her things inside. Someone must have slipped it in whilst she was distracted. It was about gender as a social construct and non-conformity. There was something on the back about being transgender as well. She found the information interesting, but the pressing need at the moment made her slip it back into her bag and search for anything that might help Zevalyn feel better.

"Damn, sorry, I don't have it with me," she said apologetically. "You might have a fever, I think it's been going around." Lily peered at Zevalyn's face. "Maybe you ought to visit the Hospital Wing? I could go with you." Anything to get out of doing this disgusting task.

  • Zev was feeling cold and she pulled her light jacket tighter around herself as she walked down the garden paths to Herbology. Ugh. She hated winter here. It was less than a hundred miles from where... more
    • Maybe remove your jacket? (leaflet received) - Lily Spencer, Pecari, Wed Mar 28 17:11
      • No no no. My coat. I’m not giving it up! - Zevalyn Ives, Thu Mar 29 09:33
        “That’s okay,” Zevalyn assured Lily when her new D&D friend failed to find any medication in her bag and offered to bring her to the Hospital Wing instead. “I don’t think it’s anything serious,” she... more
        • Who are these Amber and Ronin people? - Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw, Thu Mar 29 09:59
          Jozua arrived at the Herbology room with less than a minute to spare, getting one of the last essays left in Professor Xavier’s hand. “You can do better,” the teacher scolded gently. “Maybe you... more
          • It's a rather fun story. - Lily "Ronin" Spencer, Thu Mar 29 18:03
            Lily waved when Jozua sat by them, glad he wasn't ill anymore. Whatever had been affecting his magic earlier seemed to have stopped and she was glad for a sense of normalcy again. Zevalyn seemed... more
            • Love to hear it, but first, a chance to read leaflets - Jozua Sparks (with Zevalyn Ives), Mon Apr 2 11:02
              OOC: As I already wrote Jozua escorting Zev to the Hospital Wing before Lily replied here, Nathan had to pick him, though I think they would have all preferred that he'd picked Lily. :) BIC: Jozua... more
              • Whilst Lily would’ve loved to get out of Herbology to escort Zevalyn to the Hospital Wing, she preferred to not catch her illness. As soon as she left, the room suddenly became cooler and she felt... more
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