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Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw
Who are these Amber and Ronin people?
Thu Mar 29, 2018 09:59

Jozua arrived at the Herbology room with less than a minute to spare, getting one of the last essays left in Professor Xavier’s hand. “You can do better,” the teacher scolded gently. “Maybe you should come by office hours to make up the classes you missed?”

Jozua grimaced. “Yeah, sure,” he agreed. There were many things he did not regret about skipping so many classes at the beginning of the year: not killing anybody with out of control magic; managing to wrestle his magic firmly back under his own command again through relentless practice in the MARS’ dueling arena, and avoiding the stares of his classmates after his pyrotechnics in Charms and Transfiguration. His grades dropping like rocks through water, however, was not an effect he was particularly happy about. “I’ll be there,” he promised and went in to find a seat.

There was one only one person away from Lily, so he grabbed that one, sitting on Zevalyn’s other side and giving his best friend, and the girl in between them (no need to be rude) pleasant greetings before the professor started his lecture.

He wiped sweat from his brow and gave the Aladren an incredulous stare as she commented - without irony, he’d have appreciated the joke if there had been irony, but she was totally serious - that she was glad for the gloves to keep her hands warm. And now that Lily mentioned it, she was looking a bit ill. Jozua scooted his stool a couple inches further away. He’d missed enough classes already; he didn’t need to get sick again and miss more now that his magic was finally cooperating with him.

But then Zevalyn was talking like she and Lily did adventure play together, and he was part curious, part intrigued, and feeling wholly left out, so he scooted back. “What’s this about treasure for doing classwork? And who are Amber the Valorous and Ronin the Sneaky?”

OOC: Assumes Georgia hasn’t screamed yet.

  • No no no. My coat. I’m not giving it up! - Zevalyn Ives, Thu Mar 29 09:33
    “That’s okay,” Zevalyn assured Lily when her new D&D friend failed to find any medication in her bag and offered to bring her to the Hospital Wing instead. “I don’t think it’s anything serious,” she... more
    • Who are these Amber and Ronin people? - Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw, Thu Mar 29 09:59
      • It's a rather fun story. - Lily "Ronin" Spencer, Thu Mar 29 18:03
        Lily waved when Jozua sat by them, glad he wasn't ill anymore. Whatever had been affecting his magic earlier seemed to have stopped and she was glad for a sense of normalcy again. Zevalyn seemed... more
        • Love to hear it, but first, a chance to read leaflets - Jozua Sparks (with Zevalyn Ives), Mon Apr 2 11:02
          OOC: As I already wrote Jozua escorting Zev to the Hospital Wing before Lily replied here, Nathan had to pick him, though I think they would have all preferred that he'd picked Lily. :) BIC: Jozua... more
          • Whilst Lily would’ve loved to get out of Herbology to escort Zevalyn to the Hospital Wing, she preferred to not catch her illness. As soon as she left, the room suddenly became cooler and she felt... more
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