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Lily "Ronin" Spencer
It's a rather fun story.
Thu Mar 29, 2018 18:03

Lily waved when Jozua sat by them, glad he wasn't ill anymore. Whatever had been affecting his magic earlier seemed to have stopped and she was glad for a sense of normalcy again.

Zevalyn seemed unwilling to visit the Hospital Wing, so Lily made a mental note to take some vitamins later to counteract any viruses that spread. She hoped that her immune system was strong enough to fight it, anyhow, but Jozua's scooting did not go unnoticed by her. Lily smirked at him, but said nothing. Zev reminded them of their current task, and she grimaced. The room was becoming unbearably warm - didn't the professor know to open a window? - and she loosened the top buttons of her uniform and rolled up her sleeves.

"That's right," she said, feeling more accustomed to the DnD vernacular today than when she'd started. "Treasure would certainly be nice.

"It's Ronin the Rogue, actually," she said confidently, though she'd only just learnt the definition of 'rogue' recently. "We're in a DnD group. I forgot what DnD stands for," she said, glancing at Zev for help. "It's like a make-believe adventure game, but we only talk about what we do as our characters. We don't actually run around and fight anything." It would've been more fun fighting pretend dragons and such in the gardens as she did a few years ago with her best friend, but this wasn't too bad. "Ronin's my character. He's a halfling who sneaks around looking for treasure and lurking in the shadows. I can be either good or bad, depending on what I choose or how I feel at the moment. Zev's character is Amber the Valorous. She wields a sword and is the warrior of our lot."

Lily was getting worked up talking about it and it made her sweat more. She wiped her forehead, wishing she could remove her uniform robes and roll up the bottom of her T-shirt. "You should join us sometime, it's actually quite fun. I was sceptical about it at first, but I like--"

Before she could finish her sentence, someone screamed and Lily jumped in her seat. "Who was that?" she asked, bewilderedly looking around her. There wasn't an obvious culprit, but she looked at her friends to see if they'd spotted anyone in obvious calamity. She wished for someone to light something on fire - preferably her plant - so she wouldn't have to collect any pus.

  • Who are these Amber and Ronin people? - Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw, Thu Mar 29 09:59
    Jozua arrived at the Herbology room with less than a minute to spare, getting one of the last essays left in Professor Xavier’s hand. “You can do better,” the teacher scolded gently. “Maybe you... more
    • It's a rather fun story. - Lily "Ronin" Spencer, Thu Mar 29 18:03
      • Love to hear it, but first, a chance to read leaflets - Jozua Sparks (with Zevalyn Ives), Mon Apr 2 11:02
        OOC: As I already wrote Jozua escorting Zev to the Hospital Wing before Lily replied here, Nathan had to pick him, though I think they would have all preferred that he'd picked Lily. :) BIC: Jozua... more
        • Whilst Lily would’ve loved to get out of Herbology to escort Zevalyn to the Hospital Wing, she preferred to not catch her illness. As soon as she left, the room suddenly became cooler and she felt... more
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