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Nevaeh Reed
An awkward chat [Professor Xavier]
Fri Mar 30, 2018 17:38

Her grades were slipping. Not critically, but enough to disturb any well-intentioned Aladren, especially a prefect like Nevaeh, who needed to be a role model for her Housemates and in fact the school. She just felt like she couldn’t focus this year. Things were so… weird, she guessed. Especially in Herbology.

It was her favorite class. She liked the way the soil felt, her hands deep within. She liked that plants, even magical ones, lived and breathed and thrived without the same types of perceptions that animals usually did. A venus fly trap had no eyes - no vision - but it caught the fly all the same.

And she liked the teacher best of all, too. Professor Xavier was kind and patient, an excellent choice for the Teppenpaw Head of House, although she often wished he was hers instead. He was wonderful. And also dating her birth mother. That was why it was weird now. She supposed the affairs of teachers were nothing unusual, but it was different when one of the teachers was her mother. Not that Isis was ever much of a parent in her life, but… well, Nevaeh felt a lot of conflicting things. Mostly worry, for him. Maybe Isis would abandon him, too.

Nevaeh found herself so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t immediately realize that class had ended. It took the shuffling of bodies on the way out, paired with a gentle nudge from Scout, to make her aware. By the time she had her belongings packed up, it was just her, her dog, and the professor left in the room. She looked at him as best as she was able, her limited vision providing just a blurred outline of the man. The sixth year felt awkward, and maybe he felt it too, so she decided to say something despite the risk of only making it worse. “Hey, uh…” she began weakly. “Isis told me about-... I mean, Professor Carter… Well, congratulations, I guess.” She paused, rocking on her heels weakly. “And she said you know about the whole me thing, so I just wanted to say, like, you don’t have to… I don’t know. You don’t have to try to be a dad to me or anything. She’s not much of a mom, anyway.” The last bit was slightly mumbled, more to herself than to him. But it was still there.

    • Well this is awkward - Nathan Xavier, Sun Apr 1 21:08
      Nathan hadn't missed that Nevaeh's grades had been dropping marginally of late, nothing enough that he felt the need to bring it up himself, but just enough that he assumed that was what she wanted... more
      • You can say that again. - Nevaeh, Tue Apr 10 17:41
        There was a pause. Okay, that was normal. Nevaeh had, admittedly, just dumped a lot on him. A lot more than he had probably bargained for, if she were to guess. Isis refused to tell her much about... more
        • Well, this is awkward - Nathan Xavier, Wed Apr 11 14:58
          Oh good, she’s still here, was Nathan’s first relieved thought, but that was swiftly followed by the more perverse thought, Oh no, she’s still here! Because while he had to make this right, he still... more
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