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Nathan Xavier
Well this is awkward
Sun Apr 1, 2018 21:08

Nathan hadn't missed that Nevaeh's grades had been dropping marginally of late, nothing enough that he felt the need to bring it up himself, but just enough that he assumed that was what she wanted to talk about when she dawdled at the end of class until all of her classmates had left and they were left alone for a more private conference. Well, them and Scout, but the guide dog was such an integral part of Nevaeh, that 'and Scout' was almost part of her first name when he greeted them coming into the classroom everyday.

So he was taken entirely off guard when she opened on an entirely different topic.

Isis had warned him that she'd told her biological daughter about their relationship, which he had - mostly - supported, because Isis talking to people about her private life was kind of a big step and it meant she was growing at a person. It did leave Nathan himself in a bit of awkward situation with a student, but when no confrontation had been presented in the first few days after the revelation that none was coming, the slight awkwardness would fade with time, and normality would return eventually.

But this was not a year for normality; he had assumed too soon.

And worst of all, even beyond how in Merlin's name he was supposed to respond to an assurance that he was not expected to try to be the girl's father, was the undertoned, She's not much of a mom, anyway, because that could not be left unaddressed, even if Nevaeh wasn't exactly wrong, but . . . why him? why today? why here?

He opened his mouth but didn't know what to say. He couldn't. He just couldn't. This whole year was too much. The fevers. The accidental magic. Cleo. He'd already been starting to feel a bit run down, which probably meant he was going to have a fever himself soon. And now this. He just couldn't. He wanted to be in bed.

And all of a sudden, Nevaeh and Scout were alone in the Greenhouse.

Nathan was in his bed. He blinked about in bewilderment for a moment and then just dropped down flat onto his back, soft pillow beneath his head and stared at the familiar ceiling. "Why me?" he asked it plaintively. He couldn't just leave Nevaeh like that, though. This was just about the worst thing he could have done. He dragged himself back up out of his bed and took just about every shortcut he knew between his room and the greenhouse, at a full out run whenever there weren't other students in sight, and a brisk power-walk when there were.

"Nevaeh?" he panted, entirely out of breath because, in shape, Nathan was not, and that was easily the fastest he had ever made that trip, by at least half. "You still here? I'm so sorry."

OOC: Sorry. You can be here or not when he returns. I'm not sure exactly how far it is between Teppenpaw and the greenhouse, but I'd guess it probably took a few minutes even running.

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