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Professor Philpott
Beginners: The Sopophorous Bean
Sun Apr 1, 2018 22:00

“Good afternoon,” Professor Philpott greeted the beginners class once again. He'd met them earlier in the year when he'd covered for Professor Tarnasay, but he figured a repeat of his name wouldn't hurt. “For those who forgot, I’m Professor Philpott, the independent study supervisor, and on site emergency substitute. Professor Xavier came down with the fever going around the school, so I'm covering his class the rest of today. I've been asked to remind you all that this is a serious fever that can strike very quickly, so you should go to the Hospital Wing as soon as you suspect you may be falling ill." He looked about suspiciously. "Does anyone here feel ill?"

Once he was sure anyone who might want to answer in the positive had done so, he referred to the class notes Professor Xavier had left him. "Today's lesson is on the Sopophorous bean. This is used as a potion ingredient, though usually in more advanced potions than you would have brewed at this level, as it can be a tricky ingredient to work with. Does anyone know why that is?"

He waited for any volunteers, though unless they read the chapter already (not necessarily something he would expect from most beginners, though Aladren did encourage that kind of behavior so it wasn't entirely unprecedented at this school) he wouldn't expect anyone this age to know it off the top of their heads. He wasn't disappointed.

"Excellent. Five points. Sopophorous beans can bounce under their own power, and will often do so especially when punctured with a knife. Another magical property of the bean is that they are filled with a liquid that can remove the memory of anyone who ingests it raw, though this effect does not occur when it is used in potions. What we will be doing today is examining the beans, seeing under what conditions they can be made to jump, and making observations about the juice inside. As they are beans, they are also seeds, so we will also be planting them to grow more. On the table in front of each of you is a bag full of beans. Three of them will be Sopophorous beans. Identify them, plant two, and the third can be use for examination and dissection." He sighed breifly, wishing he didn't need to specify this, but it seemed wisest to make sure it was clear before he started getting protests, "Even though they can move, the beans are non-sentient, and don't have a nervous system, so they can't feel pain. The moving is a purely magical defense of a very magical bean, not an intentional physical reaction to injury. You won't be hurting it."

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      Jasmine felt bad for the Herbology professor when the substitute announced he was sick with that fever a lot of intermediates were coming down with. She didn't think it had struck her class yet, but... more
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