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This isn't fair
Mon Apr 2, 2018 09:37

Was she ok? Seriously? Georgia raised her eyebrows, giving Professor Xavier her best Are you freaking kidding me? look before remembering he couldn’t see he because-

“I’m invisible!” she replied, obviously somewhat panicked, so even if she was on a par with him in terms of stating the obvious, her tone of voice did make it clear that she was not really especially ok with this. “Why- how- what?” she began a series of questions but she didn’t even know what she really wanted to ask.

Ok, she’d never exactly liked her body - she’d always wished she could lose a few pounds, but as diets went this was sort of on the extreme side. She didn’t want to be stared at, and she didn’t want to be fat, but she missed herself now that she was gone - not having a body at all was weird and frightening. She didn’t want to cease to exist!

“Am- am I going to disappear? Like.. I mean, pop out of existence disappear? What’s going on?” Or was it just a prank, again, like with the teacup? And if so, who hated her so much all of a sudden, and why? Was it because she was prefect? That was the only thing that was different this year. She’d always been fat and a halfblood and whilst it hadn’t won her many friends, it hadn’t exactly given her enemies until this point. Unless it was one of the third years… They hadn’t been in classes with her before. But the cup thing had happened in the hall… It had to be the prefect thing… So who had wanted it that badly that they were picking on her? Or was it a friend of someone who’d been overlooked? Or just someone who thought it was funny cos she was a “teacher’s pet” for having it? Merlin, that stupid little badge was a lot more hassle than it was worth!

  • If this keeps up, I’m not going to be here either - Professor Xavier, Wed Mar 28 09:57
    Nathan noticed the temperature rising as he gave his mini-lecture but didn’t think much of it. This was a green house and the sun was shining. It was perfectly normal for it to get warmer as the day... more
    • This isn't fair - Georgia, Mon Apr 2 09:37
      • I sympathize completely - Professor Xavier, Mon Apr 2 10:39
        Invisible, yes, good. Well, not good, but she was at least still present and he now knew her location based on where her voice was coming from, so while she was spilling a stream of half-panicked... more
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