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Jozua Sparks (with Zevalyn Ives)
Love to hear it, but first, a chance to read leaflets
Mon Apr 2, 2018 11:02

OOC: As I already wrote Jozua escorting Zev to the Hospital Wing before Lily replied here, Nathan had to pick him, though I think they would have all preferred that he'd picked Lily. :) BIC:

Jozua jumped a bit as his name was called out right after the girl's shriek. He sat up straight, assuming he was getting blamed for whatever had just happened, and was ready to shoot back words of defensiveness when he realized he was being ordered to take Zevalyn to the Hospital Wing. He looked at Zevalyn doubtfully, and gave Lily a look too, that plainly read, "You're the prefect, why do I have to do this?" But the professor had specifically called out Jozua's name, and he was in enough trouble this year with the school's teachers to ignore an explicit order.

"Okay, let's go," he told Zevalyn, and shrugged apologetically at Lily for leaving her alone with three slug plants. "I'll be back as quick as I can," he promised her. "We'll defeat the plants and get the treasure then," he grinned, and then shivered slightly as the temperature abruptly dropped about twenty degrees. But it was all good. It had been way too hot in there.

Though Zevalyn seemed to deflate in on herself with cold, and he urged her up and toward the door. Getting outside didn't help her any either, so he gave her his school robes, hoping to make her look a little more comfortable because he was getting cold just looking at her, even though it was perfectly fine day out here. He hustled her along, hoping a quick pace might get her blood pumping and warm her up but she was still shivery when they finally made it to the Hospital Wing.

Jozua gave the healer the requisite information she had asked for on his last visit, and then left when she informed him he was no longer needed. He hurried back, not wanting to leave Lily alone for too long. Plus, well, he wanted to ask more questions about Ronin the Rogue and their game. It sounded interesting.

"Hey," he said when he got back, dropping into the seat previously occupied by Zevalyn. "So what's a halfling?" he asked, looking doubtfully at his slug plant, and wondering where they were even supposed to start. He poked at it with his wand.

  • It's a rather fun story. - Lily "Ronin" Spencer, Thu Mar 29 18:03
    Lily waved when Jozua sat by them, glad he wasn't ill anymore. Whatever had been affecting his magic earlier seemed to have stopped and she was glad for a sense of normalcy again. Zevalyn seemed... more
    • Love to hear it, but first, a chance to read leaflets - Jozua Sparks (with Zevalyn Ives), Mon Apr 2 11:02
      • Whilst Lily would’ve loved to get out of Herbology to escort Zevalyn to the Hospital Wing, she preferred to not catch her illness. As soon as she left, the room suddenly became cooler and she felt... more
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