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Anything is better than harvesting pus.
Wed Apr 4, 2018 17:41

Whilst Lily would’ve loved to get out of Herbology to escort Zevalyn to the Hospital Wing, she preferred to not catch her illness. As soon as she left, the room suddenly became cooler and she felt chills from the drastic change. The sweat felt chilly around her neck now and she wiped it off with a handkerchief she kept in her bag. The leaflet fell out once again as she replaced her kerchief. She picked it up and decided to give it a quick look. Professor Xavier wouldn’t notice with the current post-scream situation on his hands.

It was about gender, which she’d already surmised. Gender was a social construct, being transgender was all right and so forth. Lily read it carefully, wondering who would’ve slipped this into her bag anonymously. It was certainly clear why they would. Lily had never imagined herself as transgender. Though she’d longed to be a boy as a child and be like her brothers, she felt less inclined to be seen as a wizard these days. Instead, she was proud to be a witch who refused to conform to most pure-blood standards. Lily didn't know what she thought of the idea of completely transgender individuals, however. That idea was foreign to her. It felt unnatural stating oneself as anything else no matter how they dressed.

She put the leaflet away and slowly slipped on her gloves to delay the inevitable for as long as possible. Jozua’s voice made her jump and she smiled at him as he picked up their conversation.

“Um, I think it’s supposed to be half human, half… you know, I’m not sure what the other half is.” Lily shrugged. “I just visualise Ronin to be mostly human-looking, but I might be wrong. I’m still learning as I go. It’s a lot of information all at once and I have trouble keeping up sometimes. I feel like I need to study D&D knowledge alongside my CATS.” She shook her head. “How’s Zev by the way? She all right? You’re not ill anymore either, are you?”

  • Love to hear it, but first, a chance to read leaflets - Jozua Sparks (with Zevalyn Ives), Mon Apr 2 11:02
    OOC: As I already wrote Jozua escorting Zev to the Hospital Wing before Lily replied here, Nathan had to pick him, though I think they would have all preferred that he'd picked Lily. :) BIC: Jozua... more
    • Anything is better than harvesting pus. - Lily , Wed Apr 4 17:41
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