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Jasmine Delachene
I'm not lying. I thought that I might lie, but I'm not!
Sun Apr 8, 2018 16:09

Jasmine felt bad for the Herbology professor when the substitute announced he was sick with that fever a lot of intermediates were coming down with. She didn't think it had struck her class yet, but it was probably only a matter of time, especially if the teachers were getting it now. She looked around to see if anyone raised their hand to Professor Philpott's question. She wasn't feeling ill, but she was moderately tempted to raise her own hand, because this was Herbology and they'd probably be doing something dirty today. She hated getting dirt under her fingernails, and it always messed up her nail polish.

But she kept her hand down, because dirty fingernails could be cleaned (with more effort than Jasmine felt the job called for) and nail polish could be reapplied (which she actually enjoyed doing anyway), but medicine might have weird things like rat spleens in it and that wasn't something she wanted to drink unless she was actually ill.

She had no idea why Sophomore Beans might be tricky to work with, so let somebody else get the five points for a correct answer, and then they were given their day's assignment. Picking out ugly jumping beans with the magic to erase memories and cutting one of them up, and planting the others. Just as she'd expected. Dirt and nastiness again. Lovely. She wondered, was it too late to say she was ill?

In point of fact, Jasmine had contracted the illness going around the school, though she didn't know it, and at this internal question she abruptly did start feeling terrible. "Ugh," she groaned, grabbing her stomach, which was suddenly a giant cramp of pain, and curling in on herself. As quickly as the stomachache arrived, rat spleens were just as swiftly nearing her favorite ice cream in appeal, if they could make this agony go away. Her hand shot up into the air. "I'm feeling ill!" she announced loudly to the room at large.

She didn't see it, with her eyes scrunched closed in pain, but Professor Philpott looked briefly alarmed before recovering himself and asking, "May I have a volunteer to assist her to the Hospital Wing?"

OOC: I'm the author of the Herbology professor and currently have control of Prof. Philpott for this class. Anyone replying may assume he gives them permission to leave class to assist Jasmine to the Hospital Wing. You can reply here or there (reply to the midterm line to keep it on this side of the semester), but please drop an OOC here if you go the Hospital Wing route so everyone knows this thread is closed.

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    • I'm not lying. I thought that I might lie, but I'm not! - Jasmine Delachene, Sun Apr 8 16:09
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