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You can say that again.
Tue Apr 10, 2018 17:41

There was a pause.

Okay, that was normal. Nevaeh had, admittedly, just dumped a lot on him. A lot more than he had probably bargained for, if she were to guess. Isis refused to tell her much about what her early life was like or where they came from, and likewise, her parents never gave her much to go on. If that pattern was indicative of anything, she doubted Professor Xavier really ever got much breathing room when it came to Isis. And now here was Nevaeh, doing the same thing. That felt gross.

But then the pause lengthened. It went on and on. “...Professor?” With Scout at her side, she tentatively made her way toward the front of the room, where Professor Xavier was. Or, rather, had been. She got close enough that she should have definitely perceived him, but he wasn’t there anymore. Had he been there to begin with? Maybe he had left with the rest of her classmates and she just hadn’t noticed.

Nevaeh?” Her head turned in the direction of the voice: seemingly, the doorway of the greenhouse. It definitely belonged to the professor, but he seemed out of breath. And he was apologizing for… something.

Nevaeh blinked. “What just happened?” she asked, momentarily too confused to be much fussed about the topic she had previously brought up to him. Actually, maybe he wouldn’t think of it either and they could just forget about how awkward she was bound to make things. “How did you get over there? I swear you were over here, weren’t you?”

  • Well this is awkward - Nathan Xavier, Sun Apr 1 21:08
    Nathan hadn't missed that Nevaeh's grades had been dropping marginally of late, nothing enough that he felt the need to bring it up himself, but just enough that he assumed that was what she wanted... more
    • You can say that again. - Nevaeh, Tue Apr 10 17:41
      • Well, this is awkward - Nathan Xavier, Wed Apr 11 14:58
        Oh good, she’s still here, was Nathan’s first relieved thought, but that was swiftly followed by the more perverse thought, Oh no, she’s still here! Because while he had to make this right, he still... more
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