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Nathan Xavier
Well, this is awkward
Wed Apr 11, 2018 14:58

Oh good, she’s still here, was Nathan’s first relieved thought, but that was swiftly followed by the more perverse thought, Oh no, she’s still here! Because while he had to make this right, he still hadn’t figured out exactly what it was he was supposed to say.

Well, explaining his disappearing act would at least buy him some time. “I was,” he confirmed when she expressed her very valid confusion about where he had been, which must have been made even more confusing by her not having been able to see that he had left his previous location. “I assume you’ve noticed or at least heard about the accidental magic and fevers going around?” he ventured. The advanced class hadn’t been hit nearly as bad as the intermediates, or even the beginners, but some of the events had taken place in public areas of the school outside of class, and the rumor mill was certainly working hard to make sure the most notable events got shared with everyone. Plus the staff themselves were making an effort to make sure anyone with fever like symptoms made it to the Hospital Wing as quickly as possible.

“The staff has concluded they’re connected, and I think I’m getting the fever, and I wished for my bed at the wrong time, and poof, I was there.” He entered more fully into the greenhouse, and dropped heavily into his working chair, which he mostly only used when there weren’t any students around, but he was tired, out of breath, and sick, so he didn’t think Nevaeh would begrudge it. He rubbed a sleeve across his forehead to wipe away the sweat from his run, and took a few seconds just for the act of collecting oxygen. “I didn’t mean to leave you here like that,” he added after he could breathe steadily enough that he was no linger panting between each word. “Came back as fast as I could but -“ he stopped, blinked, frowned in confusion. “I’m going to have to ask Selina to make sure I didn’t accidentally take down the anti-apparation wards, too, while I was at it,” he said, more to himself than to Nevaeh. He didn’t think he had the power or the authority to do that by himself, but accidental magic could be absurdly strong sometimes. It was unlikely he managed it for any longer than the second it took him to relocate to his bed, but would be best to check on it anyway.

He shook his head, hoping to clear out some of the cobwebs in there. “Sorry, again, I’m still trying figure out what just happened myself. You were saying.” He knew what she’d been saying and was pretty sure he didn’t want to hear it again, so he ended that thought on a period not a question mark. It was a change of subject, not a request to repeat herself.

“I, I appreciate your candor,” he began carefully. “I, well, I understand this is an awkward situation for all of us. Um. I don’t, that is, I’ve tried to maintain impartiality toward you in class since I found out, and I will continue to be entirely professional in the role of your professor. I’d try to do that with any student I had any kind of outside tie to,” he added, though he had largely dodged that bullet when his only nephew to show any sign of magical ability had chosen to attend a different school.

“Outside the scope of being your teacher though,” he continued, somewhat awkwardly, “I understand your relationship with Isis is . . . um, strained . . . and legally your adoptive parents have full custody of you, so I will respect whatever boundaries you wish to lay. But if you wanted . . . I don’t know, to build more than what is currently there with . . . either of us . . . I would be happy to try to make that happen.”

  • You can say that again. - Nevaeh, Tue Apr 10 17:41
    There was a pause. Okay, that was normal. Nevaeh had, admittedly, just dumped a lot on him. A lot more than he had probably bargained for, if she were to guess. Isis refused to tell her much about... more
    • Well, this is awkward - Nathan Xavier, Wed Apr 11 14:58
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