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Emerald Brockert, Aladren
But a rather good change
Mon Apr 23, 2018 02:28

Emerald looked down at the Herbology essay that she'd just been handed back and smiled. She had recieved an O. Getting good grades brought the fourth year great pleasure and were a source of pride for her. She put the paper aside as Professor Xavier started the lesson.

She tried not to grimace at the rather unpleasant thought of harvesting pus. Actually, come to think of it, pus was an inherently disgusting word. Maybe that was just because of what it was though and if it had a different name than that word would be the disgusting word. Anyway, she got a plant and put on her gloves. After all, Emerald did not want boils-another unpleasant sounding word-or quite frankly, to touch something so revolting with her bare hands.

It was interesting though, how something so nasty, that in it's natural state could harm someone, could help if diluted. That was the thing about subjects like Herbology and Potions. With Potions, one could create amazing effects out of just the right combination of ingredients but if you didn't do it right, it could be disasterous. It was all fascinating.

The Aladren got to work on her plant and Victor Callahan walked over. She blinked, slightly surprised at his question since she hadn't really spent much time with him. Actually, Emerald hadn't really expected to get a date at all given the rather limited amount of suitable boys at Sonora. Or boys period. Still, maybe it would be more fun to have a date than not. Plus, it wouldn't be too long before she had to start thinking about men in general. Might as well. "All right." Emerald agreed, giving Victor a friendly smile.

OOC-Sorry it took so long

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