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Parker, Pecari
Trimming can be meditative or distracting
Fri May 25, 2018 14:14

Greenhouse One seemed welcoming again. Now that he was once again talking with Cleo, and understood why she had been so distant, the idea of going to Herbology and seeing Professor X didn't make his stomach ache in a dull way anymore.

And it was just in time too. The sun was again coming out and the warm weather meant Parker wanted to be outside more than ever. It was with the blissful smile on his face that he made his way into Greenhouse One and immediately froze as Professor X handed him a paper. He'd forgotten that they had had an exam not long ago and as always, a piece of him was a bit anxious as to the grade.

Lately Parker had found he seemed to be rather good at Herbology, especially when compared to other classes like Transfig or DADA, but that didn't mean he was the best student. Being good at an academic felt good. He felt like he was doing something right, especially since Quidditch didn't seem to be happening this year.

He held his breath as he walked slowly into the greenhouse and turned over the paper. Parker audibly let out a sigh upon turning over the exam. It wasn't a perfect score, but it was decent. Especially for someone who still couldn't sit still to study for any time longer than 30 minutes.

He put the paper into his bag thinking he'd take it out later in the day to read over the notes. Or not. Depended on where he found himself outside today, and if he was with someone. It'd be rude for him to pull out a test and read it over if there was someone right there to talk to after all.

As Professor X talked about the unit Parker smiled. He remembered this from last year, and the work the Gardening Club, really just Cleo and himself, had done afterwards. He remembered the stinging sensation he'd felt when he'd accidentally cut himself while trimming last year, and was glad they had learned the safer version.

Parker sat listening to Professor X and wondered if people ever pruned themselves. Did they ever cut away dead or overgrown parts of themselves so that they could grow better or be better?

At Professor X's indication Parker reached into his bag for his wand and left the rest there as he once again emerged into the warm spring day. He closed his eyes and looked up, letting the sun hit his face as a smile spread across it. This is where he loved to be the most. Outside, in the sun. He needed to figure out how to do this more.

Parker walked to an untaken hedge and smiled at his neighbor as he started prunning. He looked for any pieces that had died over the winter, and as he did so he turned a bit of his thoughts inward.

What, if any pieces of him had died? Was there anything that he could cut out or cut off? Besides certain classes. But that'd happen eventually anyways. Maybe he was more like a young bush that you just let grow. But no, even then you wanted to prune a bit here and there to make sure that the bush was strong. Parker decided that he'd needed to spend this time figuring out what, if anything he should cut off in his life.

Just as his mind made that decision, his wand moved a little too much to the left and he felt that familiar sting and pulled his hand back.

"DAaaahh," Parker said shaking his hand back and forth as if he'd burned it, "Every time..." He trailed off and turned towards the student to his right.

"Sorry about that. Hope I didn't startle you."

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    • Trimming can be meditative or distracting - Parker, Pecari, Fri May 25 14:14
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