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Dorian Montoir, Teppenpaw
Requesting a private audience (tag Jehan)
Mon Jun 18, 2018 06:45

Pruning. It was a strange word. When Dorian had received his syllabus for the term, he had of course looked up all the unfamiliar words, and so he knew that ‘(to) prune (v)’ was a form of cutting that one did to plants - tailler, in French. ‘Prune (n)’ was un pruneau. He was not sure why English felt there was a logical connection between these two words, other than the ever present reason of English is strange.

He tried to take careful notes of what Professor Xavier was saying. On the one hand it seemed simple enough - they were using the more gentle severing charm. But even this small and straightforward lecture gave him plenty to chew over. At the bottom of his notes from class, he wrote out the words ‘trim’ ‘prune’ ‘cut’ and ‘severe.’ The last one was giving him the most trouble and he wondered if it was right, because it looked awfully like sévère which… was nothing to do with cutting. Headmaster Brockert was sévère. And he thought it might be a word in English too, although if they had this new ‘severe’ meaning cut, maybe they didn’t have the other type? He was still jotting these down as the class filed out, and he finished adding ‘sévère??’ next to the bothersome word whilst he walked. As they had been instructed to leave their bags, he tucked his quill behind his ear when he was done with it. This wasn’t unusual, as whenever teachers instructed them to leave their bags, he still brought quill and parchment alongside his wand, because words that needed looking up later could crop up at any time.

He had been sitting next to Jehan, and so found himself walking out with him. His mind was still slightly on the subtle differences between all of the cutting words but he had the presence of mind to steer Jehan slightly away from everyone else.

“We can go over there to trim?” he suggested, consulting his word list. “To trim… which means similar or the same as prune? But is more gentle than sever? Not so sévère as sever… You do have that meaning or not in English?” he clarified.

He inspected the hedge for a moment, twisting a few different leaves in his fingers, pretending to search for a good spot to work on. The ball was getting closer. And in some ways, he was ready. He had something to wear. He didn’t really have to think about his appearance much beyond that. And his reading sessions with the librarian were going well. Ish. He hoped. He wasn’t perfect at the poem yet and he really felt he had to be. And until he was, it was hard not to be critical of himself. He just wanted to get it right. But he had thought of another difficulty about the poem, beyond just his own ability to get it right, and that was why he needed to talk to Jehan…

“Je?” he glanced up from his plant inspection to check whether he had his friend’s attention, “About the ball… I know, I know actually at the ball we kind of have to be with everyone else,” it was what they had agreed, after all. And he couldn’t really see how he could pay attention to just one friend when all his friends were there. The ball was for dancing and socialising, not for sitting together over a book. “I mean… I want to see them all too. And it will be nice,” he added, lest he sounded ungrateful for his friends, “But… they don’t always understand about everything… everything we like. It’s… it’s… Being us is different with other people there too,” he tried to explain. He knew Jehan knew that too which helped… But it was hard. He wanted the poem itself to be a surprise, but he needed to get Jehan to agree to them going off by themselves, and what if he wouldn’t without a good reason? Dorian just had to hope that this counted as a good enough reason without having to get any more specific. “So, can we spend some time just you and me? Maybe before the ball… we can… I don’t know, get ready together?” he asked. As they were guys the ‘getting ready’ they had to do was pretty minimal, and he figured Jehan would somewhat see through that and understand that this was more a bid for some MARS time than anything else. Dorian was fine with him realising that, he just wanted the actual poem to be a surprise. “I would say maybe we can go for a walk when it’s the ball, but I think that might be rude to everyone else, and that maybe the teachers won’t let us be leaving the hall. It’d just… be nice. Before summer.”

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