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Jehan Callahan, Aladren
Between a rock and a hard place
Mon Jul 16, 2018 13:37

After all the drama surrounding the ball run-up, Jehan had resigned himself to going with a group of friends. After being turned down by Luke, his courage had deserted him. Heíd asked no-one else, and told himself that going with friends would be great fun. Which it would, really. He didnít need the excitement and the romance that heíd hoped for at the ball, not yet at least. The main silver lining of all this was that Victor would be happy, which was a positive side-effect of the double-rejection that Jehan had suffered. Really, he could be considered a martyr. Heíd rather have a date, though. Martyrdom lost its appeal when compared to the thought of dancing.

Nevertheless, Jehan was putting his Brave Face on and forgetting that he was probably going to be forever alone, if recent events were anything to go by. Which is why he cursed the small flicker of hope at Dorianís words ďAbout the ballÖĒ, a flicker of hope that was almost immediately crushed, and almost replaced with resentment and a hint of annoyance. Almost.

Jehan wasnít a mean person. He liked to assume the best of people, and for those he cared about to be happy. It was for this reason that Dorianís words seemed like a rather low blow. Of course the two boys didnít have to be with everyone else at the ball, despite what Dorian now claimed. Jehan had suggested an alternative, which Dorian had then blown out of the water. It seemed almost callous of his friend to sit there, going on about how others didnít understand them, and how Dorian wanted to be with just Jehan. But Jehan reminded himself that, back in the MARS room, Dorian hadnít seemed to understand Jehanís perception of what had been discussed. Dorian didnít know about Jehanís heartbreak, didnít know that he was now suggesting all the things that Jehan had wanted. Just not quite in the same way.

As previously mentioned, Jehan liked all his friends to be happy. It was for this reason that the young boy pasted a smile on, and tried to see if he could worm his way out of his friendís suggestion without hurting Dorian's feelings. It wasnít that Jehan disliked the idea of spending more time with Dorian, but to be so near yet so far from what he had wanted, and on the night of the ball itself, would be unbearable.

ďBut Dorian, we canít get ready in the MARS room, other people could be there! And I thought you wanted to spend time with the others, like at the bonfire?Ē Jehanís first excuse was, he thought, very valid. He didnít want people walking in on him getting changed! As for the second part: he felt that restricting his retort to only a very very slightly pointed comment was impressive, given the further mess that Dorian was unwittingly attempting to make of his feelings.

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