Professor Nathan Xavier
Advanced Herbology: Escaping the heat
Fri Aug 17, 2018 11:29

It was the third Tuesday in September and Sonora was in the last holdout of summer. As the advanced students walked through the Gardens to their 8 AM Herbology class in Greenhouse Two, it was already 84 degrees Fahrenheit. And since greenhouses were specifically designed to hold in heat, it was even warmer inside.

“I recommend cooling charms, today,” he suggested as he handed back last week’s essay to the incoming students. Last week hadn’t been quite so bad, but the temperatures had been rising since Sunday, and after doing some class prep in the greenhouses yesterday, he had decided spending as little time within the glass walls as possible was more important than keeping to his syllabus.

Once every was inside, he began the lesson. “The plan was to keep going over the properties and uses of the Venomous Tentacula, and start growing some, but given the heat, I think we’re going change plans a bit. Follow me outside. Bring your wands.” For as warm as it was outside, it was worse in the greenhouse. Even after just that short introduction it felt good to get out into the fresh air again.

Once they were all out and congregated in the shade of a tree, he continued, “This will be our first RATS review lesson of the year. As you know, the RATS will focus mostly on Advanced material, but it could ask questions from as early as Beginner lessons. So today,” he waved his wand and parchments flew out to each student (Nevaeh’s was, of course, in Braille), “we will be finding examples of each of these plants that we’ve studied in Beginner and Intermediate lessons. The Herbology practical will require you to identify a number of plants, so this ought to be good practice and a bit more fun than just picking plants out from a line up. You may work in pairs if you like, but fill out each of your sheets individually. For each plant listed, use your wand to tap the plant name on your sheet and then the plant that you’ve found somewhere in the gardens. There’s an enchantment on your lists that will mark it as found when you correctly find the right kind. I don’t expect you to find everything on the list, but you’ll get points for each different type of plant you can locate. You may begin.”

OOC: The list is pretty comprehensive so if it can grow in Arizona’s climate and isn’t horrendously dangerous, it’s probably on there. Pretty ones are planted intentionally throughout the labyrinth, others are growing as weeds, and some Nathan has planted either in potion ingredient gardens or hidden around the labyrinth specifically for scavenger hunts like this.

    • Hopefully not taking the heat...[Tag Juniper] - Finn Scott, Teppenpaw, Wed Sep 12 16:18
      Finn’s summer had been, as ever, entirely predictable and wholly enjoyable. It had been a mix of fun with his cousins Rihana and Roxana (mostly centred around long rides out into the woods... more
      • Then be glad you're not talking to my brother - Juniper Brockert, Teppenpaw, Wed Sep 19 17:37
        Ever since she'd found out about Finn taking Gwen Fintoc to the ball, Juniper had been sort of on a downward spiral. Not that she done anything dramatic like not shower because that was genuinely... more
        • Finn had to admit he was a little worried about Juniper. She seemed to have lost weight over the summer, and just generally didn’t seem very happy. Her reply to his questions didn’t ease his concern. ... more
          • Yeah, he's not that scary - Juniper, Sat Nov 10 23:48
            The charm quickly took effect and made Juniper feel better-physically anyway. Or at least, in the sense that she wasn't hot anymore. That was probably the one drawback to Herbology, it was awfully... more
            • I'd even risk scary for you - Finn, Tue Nov 13 16:49
              Juniper seemed to brush off Finn’s question, which was…to be expected, really. He doubted that the heat was really to blame for her loss of weight and air of sadness. Sure, heat could be unpleasant,... more
              • Really? - Juniper, Wed Dec 19 15:15
                Juniper wondered if Finn really believed her when she said she was okay. She hoped so. Even though she had been hurt deeply by him asking Gwen to the ball and she really wasn't okay, she didn't want... more
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