Nathan Xavier
Beginners: Planting Pretty (Loud) Flowers
Wed Sep 5, 2018 11:39

Nathan welcomed the beginners into Greenhouse One just inside the door. Autumn had fallen and it was now more comfortable inside the greenhouse than outside, which was a welcome change after some of the Arizona heat in September that even the Irish weather charms hadn’t entirely managed to mitigate. It was cool now, though, and raining. As the incoming students were all first and second year, he included a drying charm with each greeting he offered and then handed back their graded test on mandrakes.

Once everyone arrived and took a seat at one of the two long tables running down the center of the greenhouse, he took his customary lecture position between the two tables so he could be easily heard by everyone without using an amplification charm. With the rain pounding on the roof of the greenhouse, though, he did need to raise his voice a bit more than he usually did.

“Hello everyone, I hope you had a chance to look over your exam.” The latest arrivals probably hadn’t gotten to do much more than check their grade, but everyone else could have read his comments while they waited for class to begin. “Overall, I thought you did well, but if anyone has any questions about mandrakes or your grade, please come see me during office hours tomorrow or after class today.” He had thirty minutes between the end of the beginner lesson and the start of the intermediate class, so that should be plenty of time to field questions.

“Today we’re going to start our next unit looking at some magical flowers. We’ll be starting with honking daffodils. As you can guess from the name, these flowers are much louder than their muggle varieties. They otherwise look and grow very much the same, so wizards often plant the two varieties of them together to reduce the amount of noise they make while still having a large number of blooms.

“In front of each of you is a pair of flowerbed tins. Today, you’ll be filling them both with soil and planting a variety of seeds and bulbs. You’ll be able to recognize a honking daffodil bulb by the squeak it makes when you squeeze it. This sheet,” he waved his wand and pages with colorful pictures on them distributed themselves to each student, “has a list of the flowers we will be covering this unit, along with pictures of what their seeds look like and what their blooms look like. You may arrange your flower bed however you like, but you should draw a map of what seeds you place where so you can track how each species grows over the next few weeks. When you are done planting, we will put the tin marked ‘Sun’ in direct sunlight and the one marked ‘Shade’ on a lower shelf and we will also be able to see which species prefer which kind of lighting condition. Also, please remember to put your names on your tins!”

He then pointed out where the large bags of dirt were, and where the extra trowels and gloves were if they needed to borrow either of those. “Go ahead and do that, then we’ll talk more about the daffodils in the second half of the class period.”

OOC: By now, your characters are about halfway through October, so they know Herbology tends to begin with something practical - planting, pruning, examining, etc - which is done individually but you are allowed and even encouraged to chat and consult with your neighbors as you work. The class then concludes with a lecture in the second half, so this is a pretty typical lesson for everyone. Tag me if your character needs help, but otherwise have fun chatting and planting. Feel free to make up your own magical sounding flower names listed on the handout. As always, follow site rules and points are earned based on relevance, realism, quality, and quantity.

    • Did someone put banana peels on these bags? - Evelyn Stones, Pecari, Wed Sep 5 14:48
      Evelyn loved herbology and was halfway convinced that Professor Xavier was the best professor ever. This was in part because he was the only professor she really liked that taught a subject she... more
      • Gloves might be handy. - Julius Astley, Crotalus, Sun Sep 16 15:14
        Julius neither liked nor disliked Herbology. Granted, he didn't particularly enjoy getting dirty but he had a fair knowledge of plants thanks to his extensive research and also as a result of his... more
        • Get it? Gloves? Handy? Hehehe - Evelyn Stones, Pecari, Sun Sep 16 16:01
          Evelyn blushed and frowned. She wasn't sure what she thought of Julius' response to being elbowed in the stomach. Was he gruff because it hurt a lot and he was trying to act like it didn't? Was he... more
          • You're quite good at making jokes. - Julius Astley, Crotalus, Sun Sep 16 16:28
            Julius had already started to shovel soil into his flowerbed, deciding to preapre that first before going to retrieve his bulbs. Once that was done, he would then decide where which one was to be... more
            • Evelyn did not expect Julius to be so close, nor to try to help her. She was quite sure she had not asked for help, nor did she need it. She did not particularly even want it. Then he looked up at... more
              • You confuse me. - Julius Astley, Crotalus, Sun Sep 16 17:23
                Julius' cheeks flushed a deeper shade of red when the response he received from Evelyn was just a simple 'sure' that sounded noncommital and unfeeling, like she didn't really care. Had he misread the ... more
                • You're not the only one. - Evelyn Stones, Fri Sep 21 15:59
                  Evelyn didn't want to say how much she appreciated Julius' love of potions. She agreed wholeheartedly that they were logical and methodical, not least of all because other forms of magic seemed so... more
                  • I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't understand. - Julius Astley, Crotalus, Fri Sep 21 16:25
                    Julius had inhaled sharply when Evelyn placed her hand on his shoulder. Apart from his family, nobody really touched him apart from if they bumped into him in the hallways or if he shook hands with... more
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