Finn Scott, Teppenpaw
Hopefully not taking the heat...[Tag Juniper]
Wed Sep 12, 2018 16:18

Finn’s summer had been, as ever, entirely predictable and wholly enjoyable. It had been a mix of fun with his cousins Rihana and Roxana (mostly centred around long rides out into the woods surrounding the extensive Scott estate), dancing at various society balls, and more serious times with his grandfather and father. As he got older, more was expected of him by his family, and his mother was always happy to flaunt her handsome young son at every ball she could take him too. Finn didn’t object to this, having found that balls were quite to his taste, and also understanding the importance of keeping the Scott name known in society. Family was very important to him. Finn’s mother was of the same opinion, and had pushed Finn to dance with a range of appropriate pureblooded girls, knowing that her son would be looking to marry not too long after he left Sonora. She couldn’t wait for that to happen, looking forward to gaining a daughter who would support Finn in furthering the family name, and who would bring the next generation of Scotts into the world.

Finn was also being brought more and more into the family business, in preparation for when he left Sonora in just under two years’ time. His grandfather was planning to retire soon, leaving Finn’s father in charge, with Finn taking up the supporting role that his father had previously held. The Maryland branch of the East Scotts were skilled in increasing their wealth through strategic investments and deals, and Finn enjoyed the business world. He was more than happy with the role his family had prepared for him to take over.

But, for now, such things were no longer a daily matter. Finn was back at Sonora, feeling ridiculously old as the tiny new first years roamed the corridors. He was glad to be finally in the advanced classes, preferring the smaller groups to the sometimes chaotic larger classes that were comprised of the middle three years. Not wanting to stretch himself too thin with his RATS classes, Finn had limited himself to four subjects, but had found it hard to choose between Transfiguration and Herbology. Transfiguration had, in his mind, been the more logical and useful choice, but given his love for the outdoors, he’d had to choose Herbology.

Today’s lesson was on a rather hot day, and Finn was quick to follow Professor Xavier’s advice and cast a cooling charm. Today’s lesson sounded like a fun one, like a sort of scavenger hunt. Finn was all for having fun whilst learning, and it was too nice a day to be indoors.

Professor Xavier’s suggestion of working in pairs meant Finn was soon looking round for Juniper. He’d written to his friend a few times over the summer, chatty letters with details about his horse, dogs, and the things he’d been up to. Juniper had replied, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was a little off between them. He hoped that his decision to ask Gwen to the ball rather than repeating first year and attending with Juniper hadn’t upset her. He and Gwen had had a lovely time, and Finn didn’t regret that, but he also didn’t want to hurt Juniper and make her feel passed over. However, given her dislike of balls, he thought that it had probably been the best solution for everyone.

“Hey Juniper, want to work together?” he asked, smiling at the girl who was one of his best friends. “Do you want me to cast a cooling charm for you?” He wasn’t doubting Juniper’s ability to cast one for herself, and was simply offering his help in the gentlemanly way that he’d been taught was how to treat a lady.

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    • Hopefully not taking the heat...[Tag Juniper] - Finn Scott, Teppenpaw, Wed Sep 12 16:18
      • Then be glad you're not talking to my brother - Juniper Brockert, Teppenpaw, Wed Sep 19 17:37
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          • Yeah, he's not that scary - Juniper, Sat Nov 10 23:48
            The charm quickly took effect and made Juniper feel better-physically anyway. Or at least, in the sense that she wasn't hot anymore. That was probably the one drawback to Herbology, it was awfully... more
            • I'd even risk scary for you - Finn, Tue Nov 13 16:49
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              • Really? - Juniper, Wed Dec 19 15:15
                Juniper wondered if Finn really believed her when she said she was okay. She hoped so. Even though she had been hurt deeply by him asking Gwen to the ball and she really wasn't okay, she didn't want... more
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