I'd willingly risk his wrath to find out what's wrong
Wed Sep 26, 2018 16:16

Finn had to admit he was a little worried about Juniper. She seemed to have lost weight over the summer, and just generally didn’t seem very happy. Her reply to his questions didn’t ease his concern. Sure, he knew that Juniper was the more introverted type of person (a fact he was very aware of, given that it had led to lots of consideration regarding the ball last midsummer), but she wasn’t normally so shy around him. They’d been friends for over five years now, and in that time Juniper had grown more comfortable in his presence, just as her reliable and comforting friendship had been one of the things that had helped him find his confidence at Sonora. And yet, despite that, the way she was speaking to him now didn’t seem to reflect that as much as he’d come to find usual.

The feeling of hurt this brought was quickly rendered unimportant by his anxiety on Juniper’s behalf. He couldn’t think what had happened to make her feel unsure around him. He hadn’t noticed anyone being mean to her or anything, although he resolved to keep an eye out. If she was suffering any bullying or teasing, he would have to do something about that.

Still, she had said she was happy to work with him. That was something, at any rate. Finn quickly cast a cooling charm on her, focussing to make sure it was one of his better charms. He didn’t want to cast a second-rate charm on Juniper.

“Is everything ok?” he asked, concern lacing his voice. He couldn’t not ask her, even though he didn’t think she’d appreciate such a form of attention. He cared about her too much to stay silent when he was worried about her. If there was anything he could do to help, he needed to know.

  • Then be glad you're not talking to my brother - Juniper Brockert, Teppenpaw, Wed Sep 19 17:37
    Ever since she'd found out about Finn taking Gwen Fintoc to the ball, Juniper had been sort of on a downward spiral. Not that she done anything dramatic like not shower because that was genuinely... more
    • I'd willingly risk his wrath to find out what's wrong - Finn, Wed Sep 26 16:16
      • Yeah, he's not that scary - Juniper, Sat Nov 10 23:48
        The charm quickly took effect and made Juniper feel better-physically anyway. Or at least, in the sense that she wasn't hot anymore. That was probably the one drawback to Herbology, it was awfully... more
        • I'd even risk scary for you - Finn, Tue Nov 13 16:49
          Juniper seemed to brush off Finn’s question, which was…to be expected, really. He doubted that the heat was really to blame for her loss of weight and air of sadness. Sure, heat could be unpleasant,... more
          • Really? - Juniper, Wed Dec 19 15:15
            Juniper wondered if Finn really believed her when she said she was okay. She hoped so. Even though she had been hurt deeply by him asking Gwen to the ball and she really wasn't okay, she didn't want... more
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