Shall I take that as a compliment?
Mon Nov 12, 2018 13:25

Victor’s overtures seemed to be well-received, which was reassuring. Well, he hadn’t particularly been in need of reassuring – he was society, she was society, they’d had a nice time at the ball, and therefore he would have been quite surprised if his plant offering had been rejected – but it was always nice to be appreciated. Especially by Emerald Brockert.

“Ooh, how do you reckon Beebanes could be combined with Defence?” he asked, his ever-ready and over-imaginative brain jumping enthusiastically to this idea. “Maybe one could breed a variant that attacks people and more dangerous creatures? Or just increase the effects of whatever it is that causes the numbing?”

There really were quite a few cool options when it came to combining Defence and Beebanes. Victor could just imagine Aurors closing in on a criminal, Beebane plants held up and at the ready, like some kind of plant sword. Maybe there could be a new division in the Auror department, the HerbAurogists (okay, maybe he’d leave the naming up to someone else). Someone should let MACUSA know about all the possibilities they were missing out on!

Victor’s feeling of heroism was slightly called into question by Emerald suggesting plants weren’t his thing. They most definitely were his thing – did she not see how he’d coped with the attack? Then again, other people didn’t seem to have been numbed by them, so perhaps she had a point and he should just put his gloves on and abandon hopes of gaining mastery over and respect from plants.

Victor mentally crossed off Herbology from his mental list entitled ‘RATS I’m going to take’. This was, admittedly, not a list he’d thought about much so far, so he quickly reviewed his other options. There was CoMC, which could be boring but could equally include dragons; Charms, which was alright and probably useful; DADA, which was cool and definitely something he was going to take; Potions, which sometimes led to interesting creations but also involved lots of waiting and precision; Transfiguration, which was hard; Astronomy, which could be disappointing when there weren’t any shooting stars; and Divination and Muggle Studies, neither of which he had any time for.

“Definitely Defence Against the Dark Arts,” Victor replied, hoping that his reply was quick enough that it wouldn’t seem as if he hadn’t previously given RATS subjects much thought. He didn’t want to look stupid, and also he knew that he really should be thinking seriously about his CATS and RATS. Good grades were important, and he couldn’t avoid hard work as much now that he was getting older.

“Then probably Charms and Care of Magical Creatures, and perhaps Potions too,” he added. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to take three or four RATS, and would probably let his CATS scores decide what exactly was worth pursing to a higher level. “What about you? You’ll break my heart if we don’t end up in any classes together.” He smiled at her, sure that such a calamitous event would never really happen. Emerald was likely to take at least some of the subjects he had mentioned.

  • I can think of a few people who I'd rather see be plant food - Emerald Brockert, Aladren, Sun Oct 21 17:18
    As it was Emerald's fifth year, CATS were on her mind. The end of the year tests were one of two things that girls of her age and social status were thinking about, the other of which being... more
    • Shall I take that as a compliment? - Victor, Mon Nov 12 13:25
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