I'd even risk scary for you
Tue Nov 13, 2018 16:49

Juniper seemed to brush off Finn’s question, which was…to be expected, really. He doubted that the heat was really to blame for her loss of weight and air of sadness. Sure, heat could be unpleasant, but in the wizarding world it was something that was easily solved. As she was of age, Juniper wouldn’t even have had to rely on somebody to cast cooling charms for her over the holiday. No, there was definitely something more going on. However, he knew that it wouldn’t be fair on Juniper to push her for an answer, even though he was worried about her and wanted nothing more than to help. All he could do was be a good friend and hope that, if the problem persisted, she would talk to him about it.

“You’re welcome,” he replied, glad that he could still be of service to her in some small way. It was better than nothing, even if a cooling charm was easy.

He looked down the list of plants, not sure which to go for first. “Do you have a preference for where to start?” he consulted Juniper. “Or shall we just wander around and see what we spot first?”

As they started walking, he still couldn’t dismiss his concerns entirely from his mind. “You would tell me if something was really wrong, wouldn’t you?” he asked, worry and care lacing his voice. “You know I’ll always be here to help you in any way I can.”

OOC: Don't worry, I'm not always the most prompt myself!

  • Yeah, he's not that scary - Juniper, Sat Nov 10 23:48
    The charm quickly took effect and made Juniper feel better-physically anyway. Or at least, in the sense that she wasn't hot anymore. That was probably the one drawback to Herbology, it was awfully... more
    • I'd even risk scary for you - Finn, Tue Nov 13 16:49
      • Really? - Juniper, Wed Dec 19 15:15
        Juniper wondered if Finn really believed her when she said she was okay. She hoped so. Even though she had been hurt deeply by him asking Gwen to the ball and she really wasn't okay, she didn't want... more
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