Raine Collindale, Teppenpaw
The cake is a lie
Wed Nov 21, 2018 08:46

“The thing that’s not usually here is a big people-eating plant, I think” Raine noted to Nevaeh as they entered the greenhouse. She sort of trusted that, especially in an advanced herbology class, Nevaeh had the sense to stay away from unknown items but… well, it didn’t hurt to mention it.

Raine took a seat at a fair distance from it, pretty certain it was a Cow Plant. She had never seen one but she had heard of them, mostly from the folk song 'Never Take Cake From a Cow Plant' and given that it was a big old plant that looked like a cow it didn’t seem like a crazy guess. The song detailed the sad story of a maiden fair, a bonny lass with rosy cheeks, and woven gold for hair (there were rarely any other types of girls in folk songs - apparently ugly ones either did not meet untimely deaths or it was just not deemed worthy of commemoration in verse) who upon the day she was due to be wed wandered past a hungry cow plant. Never having listened much to her mother (a common flaw of folk heroines) and thinking it was offering her the cake in congratulations, she took it and got all swallowed up. The chorus reiterated the lesson that the foolish girl had not known several times, just to be sure of its listeners not making the same mistake:

Never take cake from a cow plant,
It’ll be the last thing that you’ll do,
For if you take cake from a cow plant
It’ll make a meal of you.

Raine found herself humming softly whilst she waited for the class to begin. She was quickly confirmed as being right in her assumption. She wasn't even thrown by the much longer and fancier name that Professor Xavier gave the Cow Plant. She was used to everything having two names by now, though she still didn't stand a snowball's chance of spelling it. She tried to take careful notes on what Professor Xavier was saying. Often times, teachers just told you what was in the book anyway, but Raine tended to have a hard time with the books, and actually it turned out that teachers were giving.you a hand and just cutting it down to the important bits. Her own notes of what a teacher had explained the book had said were maybe sometimes a few too many steps removed from the truth or missed things.out but it really was a lit easier to understand herself than some rambling book writer, and even if she missed bits out, she still got something. She tried to put her notes into useful sections. Professor Xavier often told them the same things about each plant, so that was helpful. She could write about its uses to magical people and how to care for the plant. Usually, now that they were in advanced classes, there were always dangers to note down too. She had these headings written out ready on the page to help her notes stay more organised. That way, when she answered questions, her answers stayed more organised too.

She did her best to fit what Professor Xavier was saying into the different headings. When information made sense to her, she was actually quite good at remembering it, and so even though she took a bit of time, jumping up and down the page to fit things into the right places, she got most of it. She did have one question but she didn’t want to ask in front of the class, so she waited until they were all busy petting the cow plant to go up and ask.

“Hey, Professor?” she asked, “What’s yooforia mean?” she asked. “And uh, I probably didn’t spell it right. I just put down how it sounded…” she admitted, laying the page on his desk with far less self-consciousness than she would have done before.

Cow Plant:

Care: eats meat
- Raine knew and understood the word ‘carnivorous’ but she could never remember where all the vowels went, it had far more than she thought it needed, so she just stuck to writing simple words. Feed 2 times a day.

Uses: can produse milk that causes you to feel sumones feelings (if they didnt die - they mite be thinking yay cake).
Can produse milk that causes yooforia and healing (if they died - but this is controled)
Playful and nice

Danger: can eat you. Never take the cake.

Other: does not eat kids

Raine had been taking more and more care about her notes throughout her time at school but there had been a definite upsurge in her attention to them over the final semester - a point that was perhaps a little unusual given that she was not expected to take any theory exams.

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    • The cake is a lie - Raine Collindale, Teppenpaw, Wed Nov 21 08:46
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