Beau Tate, Pecari
Sounds like a lot of effort
Mon Dec 10, 2018 04:57

After being at Sonora for more than a year and a half, Beau had decided that schoolwork was really not his thing. And neither was structure. Yes, he'd been tutored in things as a child, of course but there still seemed like there had been more freedom back then. Now he had lessons scheduled basically all day and the work was harder and just...being at school wasn't any fun at all.

Take Herbology for example. Sure, Beau had rather enjoyed playing in the mud as a kid but he'd rather outgrown that, he was thirteen after all! A teenager! Besides, he generally lacked interest in plants and gardening was another activity meant for house-elves. Why were teachers so inclined to give them such menial things to do?

Apparently, though, these were going to be on display for the Horticulture exhibit at the fair this year and at Professor Xavier's wedding. Okay, so they were being forced to compete in something? Beau wasn't completely against competing in general, except that it meant having to try . He had enough pride to be the sort of person who, while not being really interested in putting forth effort in things if he wasn't that into them, didn't want to enter something substandard into a competition. Beau could get As rather than Es and Os, but if he was going to compete, he had to play to win.

That was how he'd been taught by both his parents, who expected him to, if he was going to put himself out there that way, to do things in a way so as not to embarrass himself, them or the families he was associated with. Beau was the Tate family heir after all. Never mind that Mother never wanted to give Fallon or Great Aunt Dorothea a chance to gloat and suggest that if he'd been Fallon's son with his father, he'd have done better. As if there was something inferior about him! Beau rather took offense to this suggestion.

Not to mention having a sister who was, herself, quite competitive. As children, if Arianna and Beau played a game together-not that it happened often-the sixth year liked to hold it over his head if she won. Therefore, he didn't want to give her the satisfaction.

But for the most part, he didn't feel like putting forth that much effort and now he was being forced to. Suddenly, he really did feel quite a bit of resentment towards Professor Xavier.

Sylvia Mordue spoke up next to him. "I know." Beau replied. "How cheap can one get? Can they not afford to hire a proper florist? I understand that not everyone has families like ours but I thought they were at least paid a decent wage. Besides, there are laws against child labor. Not only that but it should be our choice whether or not to compete in the horticulture exhibit."

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    • Sounds like a lot of effort - Beau Tate, Pecari, Mon Dec 10 04:57
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