Wed Dec 19, 2018 15:15

Juniper wondered if Finn really believed her when she said she was okay. She hoped so. Even though she had been hurt deeply by him asking Gwen to the ball and she really wasn't okay, she didn't want him to be mad at her for getting jealous. Nor did she want to worry him the way she had Duncan and Tasha and Father and even some of the ghosts.

Not Mother though. She had no sympathy whatsoever for Juniper. Which hurt probably as much as Finn's actions. The Teppenpaw wasn't sure which was worse. She should know by now not to expect much from her mother who had spent the last sixteen years being disappointed in her. Why would things change now?

Still, she was Juniper's mother . Mothers should love their children and accept them no matter what even if they were shy or odd. A mother's love should be unconditional. The Teppenpaw knew that when she had kids, that that was how she would be.

In fact, if Juniper ended up married to someone who wasn't Finn-remaining unmarried wouldn't be an option, she knew that-her kids and her animals would end up being her entire life. She would have to transfer all the love she felt for her friend-and it was a lot-to her kids, horses and other pets. Which meant her children even if they were introverted and weird and otherwise what Mother would call "socially maladjusted". How many times had both she and Duncan been criticized for being so, her for being painfully shy and him for being-initially-more interested in seeking out the company of ghosts then his classmates?

The thing was though that while Duncan had eventually became friends with living human beings and gotten prefect and Head Boy-Mother was especially happy about Head Boy because the way Sonora did it amounted to a popularity contest, Father for his part was happy because his son followed in his footsteps-Juniper stayed painfully shy and that was unlikely to change.

"We can just look around and see what find first." Juniper replied. "That way we won't have to run around in circles going back and forth to find what we want."

She paused at his next words and despite herself, felt...hopeful somehow. "Really? No matter what you'll be there for me even after we graduate?"

  • I'd even risk scary for you - Finn, Tue Nov 13 16:49
    Juniper seemed to brush off Finn’s question, which was…to be expected, really. He doubted that the heat was really to blame for her loss of weight and air of sadness. Sure, heat could be unpleasant,... more
    • Really? - Juniper, Wed Dec 19 15:15
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