Juniper Brockert, Teppenpaw
Sun Dec 23, 2018 18:03

The school year was getting closer to the end and Juniper had mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, she would get to see her horse and wouldn't have to be around other people all the time. On the other, she would have to attend balls and she hated every second of them. Juniper was generally more anxious around people she saw at parties because she didn't know them that well.

Plus, they were society people so she had to worry about their opinions more than people at school.If people at school were nasty to Juniper, then, for the most part, it just really hurt and was hard on a personal level because she had to be around those people for the better part of the year. If society people were nasty to her, then not only did it hurt but she also had to contend with Mother's criticism of how she'd done wrong and deserved it.

And Juniper also didn't get asked to dance by nearly enough boys for her mother's taste either. It wasn't as if she wasn't asked at all, by boys who were attracted to her family name but Mother wanted her to be a combination of Angelique and Kelsey Atwater.

Of course one of the problems was that Juniper didn't show enough interest in the potential suitors who still were interested in her after dancing with her because she only wanted Finn. Which was the other thing she didn't like about summer. She didn't see the other Teppenpaw nearly enough. They occasionally went to the same balls but they lived on opposite sides of the country. Plus, Juniper and her family were in St. Berylla's part of the time.

The sixth year walked into Herbology and noticed their guest. She actually felt a little bit excited about it. This was the infamous cow plant she'd read about. She never really thought she was going to ever get to see one in person because they were pretty rare.

They were a neat plant because well, they seemed to be part animal. Or at least had similarities to a cow. They even mooed like one. Of course they were carnivorous and would eat a human whereas cows ate grass. Still Juniper wasn't afraid. So long as she did not eat the offered cake, she would be fine and anyway, Professor Xavier had just fed the cow plant some sausages.

Still, it would not criticize her or tease her or reject her. Professor Xavier had even said they were good listeners though Juniper wasn't going to confide in it here in class, less other students overhear her but still. She approached the cowplant with something about as close to confidence as the shy girl could muster. "Hey there." Juniper smiled softly at it. She put her hand out to pet it. "You're a nice cow plant aren't you?"

She didn't even notice the person coming up behind her until they spoke.

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