Nathan Xavier
Advanced Herbology
Sat Feb 9, 2019 21:41

Advanced Herbology was Nathan's first class every Tuesday and Thursday, starting at 8 AM. His day, lately, started around 4:30 AM when Theodora decided she was done sleeping for the night. He tried to catch a few extra minutes of sleep while Isis fed the baby, but then it was his turn to change the diaper and get her dressed. He got himself dressed while she did a little bit of tummy time on her play mat (which she hated) and then he rescued her and they had a little bit of story time as a reward for her head lifting practice.

By the time 7 o'clock rolled around, it felt like he'd already been up half the day, and he didn't even feel a little bit guilty for dropping her and her bottles off at Grandmother Xavier's house for the day. Then he apparated back to the school, had a quick breakfast in the hall, and made it out to the Greenhouses with enough time to review his class notes from last time so he remember what exactly it was he was supposed to be teaching today.

On this particular autumn day, it was the Flicker Fern. The advanced class was a small one, so Greenhouse House Two didn't need a lot of extra space in it for the students. As such, there were a lot of different plants filling up most of the available room.

"Good morning class," he greeted them. He didn't have the endurance this month to meet them at the door as he usually did, (though he was doing much better now than at the beginning of the year; Dora was usually just waking up once during the night now) but once each student entered, he greeted them by name and floated their recently graded homework assignment over to them. So it wasn't too much different than his prior routine. Especially for advanced student, he didn't usually have to remind anyone about his office hours.

"Today, we are continuing our unit on camouflaging plants. The one under discussion today, as you may have noted from your syllabus, is the Flicker Fern. Does anyone know anything about this fern?" He half expected a response that it flickered, but he got luckier than that today. "Yes, good. It is a plant that can take on the appearance of other nearby plants, but which can be identified because the illusion has a distinctive flicker where you can very briefly see that it is in fact a fern."

"Before we go into more details about how and why it does this, I'd like you all to take a walk around the greenhouse. Mixed in among the other plants, there are seven Flicker Ferns. I'd like you to try to find them all, and note what kind of plant it is mimicking when you see it. When everyone is done, we'll discuss that and see if any of them changed looks during the time it takes for us all to do that. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves, but please don't give away where the ferns are to anyone who hasn't found them yet."

OOC - As you all know already, points will be awarded based on length, relevance, realism and creativity. The Flicker Fern is made up for this class, so additional details can be invented as needed. This is the Advanced Greenhouse, so the other plants may be less than entirely benign. Particularly dangerous ones are probably labeled as such, but Nathan's been a bit distracted lately . . . So be careful and have fun.

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      Initially, Juniper had decided to take Herbology because barely anyone else did. The only people in her year that took it were her, Finn and Zevalyn. And, though she didn't mean it in a nasty way,... more
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