Katerina Vorontsov, Teppenpaw
If perhaps not in the way I'd expect.
Sun Apr 14, 2019 17:36

Katerina was surprised not to find Professor Xavier waiting for the Beginner class at the door, but she did not start to become concerned until he became actually late. Everyone was slightly behind schedule sometimes, no matter how hard one tried to remain on the straight and narrow way, but actual lateness? Professors were not supposed to be late, and this one was her Head of House. Teppenpaws were especially not supposed to be late. Was something wrong?

She was just beginning to toy with the ribbon tying back her blonde hair when Professor Xavier appeared, out of breath but apparently intact. She managed to put her hand up and catch her essay before it could smack her in the face or fall onto the table, and opened it without much anxiety. She expected good scores and usually got them, especially on homework assignments like essays, where she could carefully work out every aspect of the paper - grammar, spelling, vocabulary, synonyms, shapes of her English letters, and even how she spaced her words and lines across the parchment. One of the things she feared about Intermediate classes was how they were supposed to be so much more demanding than her Beginner classes - she worried that she might not have time to do everything so well, and that a less polished appearance might cause the teachers to give her lower marks.

For now, though, her grades were adequate and she had to pay attention to something else in order to follow what Professor Xavier was telling them to do for today. Her blue eyes started to widen with horror when she heard that Teppenpaws were supposed to use Muggle fertilizer - Muggles didn't even have magic to take care of themselves, so what kind of fertilizer must they use? - but then narrowed again as she frowned in confusion at the thing which Professor Xavier pointed at. It was...a big box, of some shiny material, with a colorful front. She read through the letters, sounding it out. Mir...no, that meant neither world nor peace in English. Mir-ah-clay Guh-roe? Gro, that would sound like 'grow,' but 'grow' had a 'w' on the end. And 'miraclay'...'miraslay'? What?

She approached it cautiously, then recoiled as soon as she saw the box's contents. It did not look like fertilizer, and it did not smell like fertilizer. It looked almost like a box full of tiny, badly cut light blue sapphires, or maybe blue topazes of some kind, and it smelled like....

She did not know what it smelled like, other than 'unpleasant.' The smell of regular dung was unpleasant, too, but in a different way. This seemed to burn at her nose, which she covered with her hand, her mouth twisting as she looked back at the box.

"Euggh," she complained, reluctant to touch it.

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