Fun with languages. Expect fun with languages.
Wed Apr 17, 2019 21:33

Mir-ra-cle. Mirakl. There! There it was! The word was almost the same between the two languages, though she thought it might be used slightly differently in context. She had forgotten how strangely the English character 'c' could be, had assumed it went with the 'l' instead of being a sound to itself, a transition between other parts of the word.

"Ja, ist in Ordnung," said Katerina with a smile and in heavily accented but smooth enough German. It was on the next sentence, which involved saying something she had not learned among common pleasantries, that she struggled more. "Das ist..was macht...blumes gut sein," she said slowly, inelegantly, working to put as much of her actual thought into German as she possibly could.

It was no small task for her; she had wanted to learn more German, but had not had had time before she had come to Sonora and been cut off from most formal study of languages altogether. She did not, however, flinch. When she had first started studying languages, she had not wanted to speak, and when Anton Petrovich had compelled her to give oral reports, she had done so with tears running down her face. This had continued for months, her teacher ignoring the weeping both during her speech and during the merciless criticisms of her grammar which had always followed. She, too, had ignored her own crying as much as she could, ashamed of herself over it. Eventually, she had learned to keep her eyes dry and her face smooth, and if she still intensely disliked knowing her grammar was bad, she didn't let it show.

She did, however, add "mein Deutsch - nicht gut," as something akin to an apology for the damage she had no doubt just done to Johana Leonie's language. It is what makes flowers be good was the next thing to baby talk, but how should she have known she would someday need to discuss Magl gardening things in German with a first year? Even Anton Petrovich might have forgiven her the lapse in syntax and vocabulary. Perhaps not publicly - to his pupils' faces, Anton Petrovich was extremely short on sympathy, and not much less sparing with compliments even for a perfect performance, something which made praise all the more valuable on the rare occasions it materialized - but maybe in his notes to her Mama, anyway.

  • I don't even know what to expect. - Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Teppenpaw , Mon Apr 15 20:33
    The fact that Johana Leonie's English had gotten better was certainly not enough to save her from confusion in basically all of her classes. Herbology however, was both the most likely to see her... more
    • Fun with languages. Expect fun with languages. - Katerina, Wed Apr 17 21:33
      • Across the board! - Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Thu Apr 18 18:44
        Johana Leonie beamed at Katrina, remembering why she liked the girl so much, when she got a response in German. Katrina's German was about where Johana Leonie's English was, maybe even better, and it ... more
        • We can start with fun with homophones. - Katerina, Sun Apr 21 22:07
          Katerina's eyes widened in surprise when Johana Leonie suddenly spoke Russian. Dorian spoke Russian - sort of - and Tatiana spoke Russian, of course, but even hearing 'my Russian is very bad' from... more
          • I feel so validated! - Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Mon Apr 22 18:26
            OOC -- As usual, full disclaimer that I'm using Google and Google Translate and promise nothing by way of linguistic accuracy. IC -- Johana Leonie felt like she might break into dance in that moment. ... more
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