Johana Leonie Zauberhexen
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Thu Apr 18, 2019 18:44

Johana Leonie beamed at Katrina, remembering why she liked the girl so much, when she got a response in German. Katrina's German was about where Johana Leonie's English was, maybe even better, and it made her feel like she knew something special and valuable to hear somebody else have to try so hard.

"Danke," Johana Leonie said, pouring her gratitude into her voice. "Es ist dünger? Die Blumen werden schön sein," she decided, looking at what they had to work with. Now that she knew for sure that it was fertilizer, she was confident that the rest of her statement was true; these flowers really were going to be beautiful.

"My English is nicht good," she said. "Do you not worry. Ich verstehe."

With her brother planning to attend Sonora the following year, Johana Leonie felt the onus to work hard to be helpful for him when he arrived. Beyond that, she hated to think that she hadn't improved at all, while he'd been taking this whole year to improve his English after Johana Leonie had warned her parents how difficult everything was without it. He would certainly have a leg up, and she would take every friendly face and willing conversationalist she could find.

"Moy russkiy ochen' plokhoy," she added for good measure, although it was hardly a pretty sound with her accent. She hadn't needed as much Russian as English in the healing work of her family, but there were those who came to them for help, and she liked to learn key phrases like Where does it hurt, can you understand me, do you have any candy, do you like music, I suck at your language, and other important phrases. As it turned out, the sounds for being in pain were pretty universal.

"What color flowers magst du?"

  • Mir-ra-cle. Mirakl. There! There it was! The word was almost the same between the two languages, though she thought it might be used slightly differently in context. She had forgotten how strangely... more
    • Across the board! - Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Thu Apr 18 18:44
      • We can start with fun with homophones. - Katerina, Sun Apr 21 22:07
        Katerina's eyes widened in surprise when Johana Leonie suddenly spoke Russian. Dorian spoke Russian - sort of - and Tatiana spoke Russian, of course, but even hearing 'my Russian is very bad' from... more
        • I feel so validated! - Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Mon Apr 22 18:26
          OOC -- As usual, full disclaimer that I'm using Google and Google Translate and promise nothing by way of linguistic accuracy. IC -- Johana Leonie felt like she might break into dance in that moment. ... more
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