Johana Leonie Zauberhexen
I feel so validated!
Mon Apr 22, 2019 18:26

OOC -- As usual, full disclaimer that I'm using Google and Google Translate and promise nothing by way of linguistic accuracy.

IC --

Johana Leonie felt like she might break into dance in that moment. Not only was Katerina entirely patient with her poor Russian, but she was making every effort to use German, and she was excited to talk about the fun things that came with multilingualism (although Johana Leonie would hardly consider herself proficient in any more than one language).

She was practically beaming the entire time Katrina spoke, and she hoped it was encouraging at least. "Das ist gut!" she told the girl. "Ich mag auch Gelb, Rose und Lila. Ich mag auch Rosa," she added, wished she were wearing anything pink today. "It is odd when the words are the same but they are not the same," she managed in English. "The mouth is a little red, oder...?" she asked, the German ending slipping oddly onto her English question.

"Krasnyy," Johana Leonie attempted, the word feeling odd in her mouth. "I can say, Po-Russkii, Kakogo tsveta eto bylo? Meine Eltern sind Heiler," she explained with a laugh. "The people with hurt or sick lose very many things."

Suddenly, the sheer hilarity of what was happening struck her. "We must sound like we are angry. Nein... verrückt... we are mad? That is odd im Englisch. We must sound like our minds has gotten lost, als wir alle po-russki, Deutsch, und Englisch sprachen." The mixed sentence, We must sound like we've lost our minds, speaking Russian, German, and English all together, made Johana Leonie's head spin and she giggled.

  • We can start with fun with homophones. - Katerina, Sun Apr 21 22:07
    Katerina's eyes widened in surprise when Johana Leonie suddenly spoke Russian. Dorian spoke Russian - sort of - and Tatiana spoke Russian, of course, but even hearing 'my Russian is very bad' from... more
    • I feel so validated! - Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Mon Apr 22 18:26
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