Felipe De Matteo, Crotalus
To grow is to live.
Thu Apr 25, 2019 02:51

Felipe always enjoyed Herbology, and wished very much that he did not have to work with his housemates. He was trying to be a nice, good De Matteo and be more sociable, as it was inappropriate to only ever talk to Zara, but it wasn't very easy when his housemates were exactly as snobby and awful as he was. He still felt a little bad that he and Jeremy had started the term off so worldly, but that wasn't going to be a point worth dwelling on unless things got really boring, which meant that Herbology was not going to be the place for that to cross his mind.

Instead, Felipe resigned himself to pretending he wasn't as curious as he actually was. At least this way, he wouldn't have to talk about it with anyone. He could pretend it was irritating just fine, but expressing the fact that he enjoyed and being shut down was much much worse.

Carefully grabbing his supplies, casting a looking around for Zara and passing her a smile when he thought she was looking, and making his way away from the rest of his housemates, Felipe set to work. When an awful, albeit familiar smell wafted over him and a student began talking to him, Felipe turned to find that his luck must've really run out; it was a Brockert. This was one of the funny Brockerts with a name like a rock, too, but he couldn't keep them all straight. Opal? Pearl? Sapphire? It wasn't really very important. If anything, he was only really confident that names like Spodumene and Blue Zoisite were off the table.

"Yes, you definitely have it worse than me," he agreed, hoping this was an adequate way to acknowledge her position without having to actually talk about it. Then he chastised himself for being rude, and managed a small smile. "We can work together if you want. I don't mind doing that so much if you want to help me, too. We might learn something."

Felipe sincerely doubted he'd learn much about fertilisers; this was a topic he knew inside and out. Still, there was a chance and this was an important topic too, so he was eager to see how everything turned out. Besides, he might learn something about one of those valuable social connections everyone in his house seemed to care so much about.

"I'm Felipe De Matteo, of the Los Jardines de Plata De Mattoes," he said, having picked up the introduction for such interactions as these. Of course, his family members were the only Los Jardines de Plata De Matteos, but he was pretty sure that was the point. I'm Felipe De Matteo because I'm born to someone who also was a De Matteo. Surprise! Somehow that seemed ruder. "How can I help?" he asked.

  • Duh - Topaz Brockert, Aladren, Tue Apr 23 05:45
    Midterm had really sort of sucked. Topaz's mother was driving her crazy. Mother kept gushing about how "sought after" her older sisters were. Emerald could choose between Winston Pierce and Victor... more
    • To grow is to live. - Felipe De Matteo, Crotalus, Thu Apr 25 02:51
      • I prefer knowledge is power. - Topaz, Sat May 4 16:03
        Topaz cooly appraised the person she'd spoken to. She made it her mission to know about people, not because she cared about them but because knowledge was power and she had to know everything. The... more
        • Who needs power? - Felipe De Matteo, Sun May 5 15:30
          Felipe nodded, acknowledging both Topaz' introduction and some of the suspicions she'd unwittingly confirmed for him: This particular pureblood was not a princess, and made no effort to be. While he... more
          • I have plenty but want more. - Topaz, Tue May 14 19:42
            Topaz considered what Felipe had said. She guessed he had a point about Muggle plants responding to Muggle fertilizer as, well, they had to use something . Still, she doubted that it would work as... more
            • I have far too much for my liking. - Felipe De Matteo, Wed May 15 15:59
              Felipe mushed his smile into something more civilised than a grin. He was thrilled to actually have an intelligent conversation about herbology and agriculture, even if Topaz thought it wasn't... more
              • *is puzzled by this* - Topaz, Mon May 20 00:12
                "I mean, it's not something I think most people want to know a lot about." Topaz replied. Except that she wanted to know everything or as much as she possibly could. "I just bring it up because well, ... more
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