I prefer knowledge is power.
Sat May 4, 2019 16:03

Topaz cooly appraised the person she'd spoken to. She made it her mission to know about people, not because she cared about them but because knowledge was power and she had to know everything. The Aladren never knew what would be useful down the line.

She was lucky that she got inside information.

Anyway, what she knew about Felipe De Matteo was that he was a Crotalus first year, from a foreign family of importance. He hung out with Zara the black Teppenpaw girl who apparently knew Topaz's roommate. She was not yet sure if he could be an ally or not. He should be, but even a tangential association with Ness made her suspicious and put her guard up.

Unfortunately, the fact that he was someone of reasonable importance meant Topaz had to be reasonably polite. Ugh. Sometimes, she really hated being a member of pureblood society. All the false cordiality so you didn't offend anyone when offending people came so naturally to her.

Not to mention it made it harder to know where people really stood.

"Yes, you truly do have the better of the deal." She said. It was surprising that Professor Xavier would give Crotali the least disgusting task rather than his own house. In fact, he had given them the one Topaz felt would be most likely to produce the worst results. She wasn't sure what Miracle Grow was but she doubted anything Muggles produced was as good as magic.

"I suppose." Topaz replied. "I'm Topaz Brockert, of the Western Brockerts." She introduced herself. He should know that, as she knew his name this late in the year. "I don't suppose there's much you can do that I can't but thank you for the offer." Topaz could have asked to swap tasks but while she lacked integrity in other areas, she did her own work. Plus, she wasn't a princess who was afraid of touching nasty stuff. The second year handled dead animals on a regular basis, for Merlin's sake!

"So, what do you expect will have the best results?" Topaz asked. She was capable of forming her own hypothesis of course but she might as well make conversation and see what he thought.

  • To grow is to live. - Felipe De Matteo, Crotalus, Thu Apr 25 02:51
    Felipe always enjoyed Herbology, and wished very much that he did not have to work with his housemates. He was trying to be a nice, good De Matteo and be more sociable, as it was inappropriate to... more
    • I prefer knowledge is power. - Topaz, Sat May 4 16:03
      • Who needs power? - Felipe De Matteo, Sun May 5 15:30
        Felipe nodded, acknowledging both Topaz' introduction and some of the suspicions she'd unwittingly confirmed for him: This particular pureblood was not a princess, and made no effort to be. While he... more
        • I have plenty but want more. - Topaz, Tue May 14 19:42
          Topaz considered what Felipe had said. She guessed he had a point about Muggle plants responding to Muggle fertilizer as, well, they had to use something . Still, she doubted that it would work as... more
          • I have far too much for my liking. - Felipe De Matteo, Wed May 15 15:59
            Felipe mushed his smile into something more civilised than a grin. He was thrilled to actually have an intelligent conversation about herbology and agriculture, even if Topaz thought it wasn't... more
            • *is puzzled by this* - Topaz, Mon May 20 00:12
              "I mean, it's not something I think most people want to know a lot about." Topaz replied. Except that she wanted to know everything or as much as she possibly could. "I just bring it up because well, ... more
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