Felipe De Matteo
Who needs power?
Sun May 5, 2019 15:30

Felipe nodded, acknowledging both Topaz' introduction and some of the suspicions she'd unwittingly confirmed for him: This particular pureblood was not a princess, and made no effort to be. While he wasn't exactly surprised, having heard more than enough about the girl to know that she was odd, even for her eccentric upperclass society, he was also intrigued. She probably wasn't very nice, but she was interesting at least.

"My pleasure," he said of having offered help.

He was quiet for a moment when she asked him what he thought would work best, as he suspected there was a right answer and an honest answer, and that they were not the same thing. First and foremost, he doubted she would've liked to hear about his experience with the success rate of many muggle products like Miracle-Gro. Beyond that, he wasn't entirely sure whether she was asking to make polite small talk while they worked, to avoid getting to know each other on any deeper basis (for any reason beyond just being anti-social?), or whether she was trying to get information out of him to make her life easier. There were so many questions in that one little question, and Felipe wrinkled his forehead a bit as he began working, letting the fact that he was thinking appear on his face, although he wasn't thinking about what she had asked him much.

"From my experience with agriculture," he began, not one to leave out his family roots, "I suspect that each fertiliser will have different success rates for different types of plants. I think we'll see different flowers bloom more successfully in some boxes than in others," he said. Then he grimaced, thinking of the poor plants getting the wrong type of fertiliser. "I also think the magical plants will not react well to muggle fertilisers, and vice versa," he said. "Although dung is pretty universal." He smiled at the Aladren, offering enough of a look of amusement that she could take it as an entrance into a more joking manner of address between them, or she could ignore it as his own little smile. It was clearly not a smirk, which was important when dealing with people like this.

"What about you? Do you work much with gardening or agriculture?"

  • I prefer knowledge is power. - Topaz, Sat May 4 16:03
    Topaz cooly appraised the person she'd spoken to. She made it her mission to know about people, not because she cared about them but because knowledge was power and she had to know everything. The... more
    • Who needs power? - Felipe De Matteo, Sun May 5 15:30
      • I have plenty but want more. - Topaz, Tue May 14 19:42
        Topaz considered what Felipe had said. She guessed he had a point about Muggle plants responding to Muggle fertilizer as, well, they had to use something . Still, she doubted that it would work as... more
        • I have far too much for my liking. - Felipe De Matteo, Wed May 15 15:59
          Felipe mushed his smile into something more civilised than a grin. He was thrilled to actually have an intelligent conversation about herbology and agriculture, even if Topaz thought it wasn't... more
          • *is puzzled by this* - Topaz, Mon May 20 00:12
            "I mean, it's not something I think most people want to know a lot about." Topaz replied. Except that she wanted to know everything or as much as she possibly could. "I just bring it up because well, ... more
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