Felipe De Matteo
I have far too much for my liking.
Wed May 15, 2019 15:59

Felipe mushed his smile into something more civilised than a grin. He was thrilled to actually have an intelligent conversation about herbology and agriculture, even if Topaz thought it wasn't interesting. He considered her question while he worked.

"I think it might depend on the animal or plant in question," he decided. "I'm not sure what it is about dragon dung or cow dung that makes it work as a fertiliser, so it probably depends on that."

When Topaz acknowledged her preference for taxidermy, Felipe found himself nodding along. Perhaps it was the altruistic habits he was trying to pick up, or perhaps he really meant it, but Felipe thought that no one should be put down for their interests. So far, she hadn't put him down for his, so he wouldn't put her down for hers.

"My family does not hunt much, but I know some people who do. How did you get into taxidermy?" The fact that she called it taxidermy, over like stuffing murdered things, gave Felipe hope that she was an actual enthusiast and not just saying it to get a rise out of him. She seemed a little bit crazy, but that was fine with him. She was still more interesting than most of the people he knew. Except Zara. And Jessica.

Eh, so she was sort of interesting.

Felipe had never heard of magical stuffing and allowed his surprise to show on his face, fully aware that it was a flattering response to someone's greater expertise in a given area. "I had no idea that was possible," he told her, "although I suppose it makes sense. That's very interesting. They're all the way dead? Like it doesn't hurt them at all?"

She mentioned her other interests and Felipe nodded, mostly agreeing. "Transfiguration is a good skill," he acknowledged, not preferring to mention that he wasn't very good at it. Really, he just wasn't very interested in doing it. "I like Care of Magical Creatures and Potions," he said. "And Herbology. I'm more excited for the classes we can take in third year, though. I think that I'd like to take everything, so I have the best education possible."

He nodded, glad that she had asked about agriculture. "It is very important to my family. We maintain one of the largest farms in the area and provide work and resources for our people."

  • I have plenty but want more. - Topaz, Tue May 14 19:42
    Topaz considered what Felipe had said. She guessed he had a point about Muggle plants responding to Muggle fertilizer as, well, they had to use something . Still, she doubted that it would work as... more
    • I have far too much for my liking. - Felipe De Matteo, Wed May 15 15:59
      • *is puzzled by this* - Topaz, Mon May 20 00:12
        "I mean, it's not something I think most people want to know a lot about." Topaz replied. Except that she wanted to know everything or as much as she possibly could. "I just bring it up because well, ... more
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