Allegra Brockert, Crotalus
It could be worse
Wed May 22, 2019 03:17

Allegra's midterm had been really lovely. It had been nice seeing her parents and younger siblings again and having warm, cozy, family time. This would be the last time too, that it would be the six of them. By the time Allegra came home from school, she would have another little brother or sister.

More concerning though was that this would probably be the last time that midterm was at all relaxing. Next year, she would probably have to start going to parties and meeting people and being impressive. She was,quite frankly, dreading it. Allegra was terrified of the pressure inherent in this. Terrified that she wouldn't be able to make the appropriate connections or find a betrothal. And that Topaz would and gloat.

On the other hand, she was terrified that she would and Topaz would not and make her miserable. Allegra didn't think her cousin really was that interested in getting married, having babies and being a socialite-actually that last thing didn't sound like fun to the Crotalus either-but she would hate for Allegra to beat her in some way.

It always came back to that. To being in competition with Topaz by virtue of being the same age. The Aladren tormented her own siblings too but only sometimes pestered Esme or Isla and never bothered with the little kids. Allegra felt she was never going to break free of this situation and she felt trapped.

She hated it. Half the time she felt like she couldn't breathe. She didn't want to have to worry and be anxious about Topaz anymore, but she doubted she could do anything. Topaz was brilliant and evil, Allegra was weak and pathetic. Even if the Crotalus could come up with a way to break out of this vicious cycle, it would be thwarted or worse, backfire completely.

Professor Xavier began the class and Allegra suppressed a groan. This was exactly the sort of thing she worried about. As glad as she was not to have to work with dung of any kind, her cousin did. Was Topaz going to take this out on her in some way?

"I wonder what sorts of flowers we'll get," she remarked to another student. "I hope it's something colorful." .

Allegra looked at the first year who'd spoken to her. If only to have such simple concerns! " That would be lovely." The second year said with a smile.

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    • It could be worse - Allegra Brockert, Crotalus, Wed May 22 03:17
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