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Isis Carter
Greenhouse-warming [Nathan]
Thu Oct 13, 2016 05:02

Isis didn’t know a whole lot about plants. She had some experience with dead and dried (former) plant-life, especially after teaching Potions in the interim before Sophie O’Malley had been hired, but on a personal level, she’d never had much success. She had managed to keep a small bonsai tree alive for a few years now, mostly because it meant more to her than just some little shrub she picked up at a Walmart or something, but that was her highest achievement in the field.

Nathan, however, liked plants. As is it wasn’t clear enough by the meticulous care he took of the Gardens, he had worked hard and gotten certified to teach Herbology as well. And Isis was absolutely thrilled for him and his accomplishment, so she decided to do something nice for him. She would bring him a pretty little something to put in one of his brand new greenhouses.

But what to bring him was the real question. She decided immediately that a non-magical plant would be her best bet, simply for reasons of safety and its odds of survival in her care. However, even with that decision, there were so many factors for which to account. She’d paged through books on symbolism, certain that if anyone was knowledgeable about these things, it would be Nathan.

She had to pick the right message, but what was that? What exactly did she want to say? Isis had a lot of swirling feelings regarding this particular coworker, some that she’d been very hesitant to express but, admittedly, had a difficult time setting aside since a perfectly awkward and wonderful dance at the school’s ball last year. Eventually she settled on a potted yellow chrysanthemum, which, according to several of the books she’d checked, could be interpreted as symbolizing a secret admirer.

To that end, when she penned a little note to stick in the bottom--Congrats on the new position!--she left off her name, nerves winning the day. Isis carried the plant to the greenhouse that now served as his Herbology classroom. It was Sunday afternoon, so she didn’t expect to see him here and therefore didn’t think to look around the room very thoroughly before approaching his empty desk. She sat the chrysanthemum on top of it, adjusting the petals one last time and wiggling the notecard to be seen. Isis smiled briefly at her deed and turned to go, but when she spun away from the desk, she discovered that she had made an error in her predictions of his schedule.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, her heartbeat accelerating from more than just surprise. “Hey. I didn’t think you’d be here. I was just, uh..” Isis leaned to the side to ensure he could see what sat on his desk. She wore a crooked smile almost involuntarily, and despite the pounding in her ears. “For you.”

OOC: Sunday afternoon made the most sense to me for her to not expect to find him, but if that seems like a time that he'd definitely be there and she should have known that, then feel free to change the time this takes place.

    • Thank-you! - Nathan Oblivious Xavier, Fri Oct 14 09:41
      Nathan was puttering. This was likely his most obvious sign of nerves as the first full week of classes loomed. Without an advisor to, well, advise him, his curriculum was untested and while it made... more
      • You're welcome. - Isis, Fri Oct 14 18:15
        She met with an instant rush of both relief and disappointment when he didn’t seem to notice any of her quiet symbolism. Isis was glad there was no awkward let-down to be had, which is what she... more
        • De nada - Nathan Rationalizer Xavier, Wed Oct 26 10:18
          Nathan paused in the act of opening his mouth to suggest how she could help him with his preparations when she kept talking and he realized that her opening assurance that she didn't mind being put... more
          • He seemed a bit nervous. That was, Isis hoped, actually a positive sign. Maybe he was actually picking something up here. Then again, Nathan was somewhat awkward in general, but this seemed... more
            • What do you think of this one? - Nathan Found-a-Ticket-for-the-Clue-Bus Xavier, Thu Nov 10 11:32
              Nathan was beginning to suspect his conclusions may be in error. Had her nerves simply be because she was extending in invitation into her closer circle of friends, it should have resolved when he... more
              • Better - Isis, Thu Nov 10 23:50
                Her heart beat so loud that she was afraid that even at a respectful distance, Nathan would hear. For a split second, Isis had thought it had stopped completely, but after a single skipped beat, its... more
                • Well then - Nathan Astounded Xavier , Fri Nov 11 10:44
                  Wow. Nathan was astounded and had no idea what to say so Isis just kept talking until she got to the answer to his aborted question and then he really couldn't say anything so she kept talking more... more
                  • *Astounding - Isis, Sat Nov 12 03:24
                    There was something rather comforting about having so much out in the open, but it was starkly contrasted with the feeling of being powerless as now everything was in Nathan’s hands. He didn’t start... more
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