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Nevaeh Reed [Aladren]
Bless this class.
Fri May 5, 2017 01:58

It was times like these (well, it was times like most, really) that being legally blind was rather inconvenient. Nevaeh raised an eyebrow immediately at the explanation of the “blind box”, and she just sort of wished she could see in any definition the facial expressions of her classmates. A lesson that was non-visual? Oh, dear, what ever would they do? Nevaeh thought most people were smart enough to handle a lesson like this, but just in case there were some people who might audibly express something along the lines of “how can we do this blind?”, the Aladren remained attentive as she began.

She felt the Braille labels on the box she came to first, satisfied in its existence. All of her teachers did what they had to do to adapt lessons for her specific abilities, she thought, but Professor Xavier was probably her favorite. He did it so nicely and so seamlessly that if not for the whole everything-is-unbearably-blurry thing, she might have forgotten that she was the one it was meant for. Professor Xavier accommodated her without calling her out on it. She appreciated it.

Her hands slid in the opening of the first box. Nevaeh felt the outline of the contents - in this case, a single leaf - tracing its curves with her index finger. Then she held the leaf between both hands. After feeling it a moment, she pulled out her dominant hand to notate onto her enchanted Braille paper, stabbing dots onto the page, which then rose to form legible bumps. Maple leaf, the dots spelled.

She scooted down to the next box a moment later, and this one took even less effort to identify. The assignment was to figure out their climate and for bonus points to identify them, but she found it easier to work in reverse, at least on these two. Pinecone, she dotted on her paper, still running her other hand over it in the second box. Nevaeh felt someone come up beside her, presumably to experiment with the box she had been at first. “This is so easy,” she smiled to them. Her tone was not particularly aggressive or rude, but admittedly, it was a bit of a brag. Herbology and no visuals? This was kind of her thing.

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