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Nathan Xavier
Beginner Herbology: A take-home project
Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:35

Spring had not yet sprung completely, but it was getting closer. Nathan hadn't seen any frost for a couple weeks now, the daylight hours were getting longer, and sprouts were starting to break through the dirt all around the grounds. Birds were starting to return from their winter migrations. This was Nathan's favorite time of year and he was particularly cheerful as he greeted the beginner class as they arrived at Greenhouse One today. Even those getting less than stellar grades on the homework he was returning today just got welcomed with a, "Lovely day, isn't it? Better luck next time," instead of a reminder of his office hours.

Once everyone was accounted for and seated, he began handing out round, deep dished terrariums, currently empty. "It's a good day for planting today," he announced. "So we're going to be putting together some terrariums. Who knows what that is? Show of hands." He looked about to see who was familiar with the term. "For those of you who don't know," he continued, "it's like a fish tank, but for plants. It's generally ornamental, but sealed ones do make for an interesting study on the water cycle. The ones we make today are going to be largely just decorative. Unlike most of the planting we do in this class, you can bring your terrarium home and show it to your family."

He brought their attention to the central table. "In front of all of you are the items you may include. Dirt, nice looking stones, and several varieties of decorative plants. If you live near muggles, I suggest you use caution in your selections and don't pick anything too obviously magical if there's a chance a wrong person might see it."

There were several different types of colorful grasses, a moss that glowed in the dark and another kind of moss that smoked. He'd provided pheonix flowers that burned at the end of their life cycle then sprouted anew a few days later. Walking sprouts and jumping mushrooms could provide some movement to the displays, and the shy violets would come out or hide depending on how many people were nearby (right now, with the greenhouse full of beginner students, they were trying their very best to turn invisible but that wasn't quite in their skill set). Less exciting grasses, mosses, herbs, and flowers were available as well, though some of them did have other magical properties that were more subtle. Several of them were plants they'd covered earlier in the year, in case anybody wanted to bring samples home to show to their parents.

"I'm not going to grade on artistic talent or anything," he assured them, "so just put together something you'll enjoy looking at and showing off to those who don't normally get to see much of what you do here at school. I'm just going to be checking to see that you replanted everything properly for your grade."

He nodded to tell them to go ahead and get started. "You have forty minutes, then I'll introduce our next unit on night harvesting."

OOC: Feel free to make up whatever kinds of plants you might like to include so long as they are entirely harmless and fairly small.

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