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Jennifer White (Aladren)
Terrarium Paradise
Tue Jun 20, 2017 15:27

To her own surprise, Jen had discovered she actually quite enjoyed herbology classes. Partially that was probably down to professor Xavier being really easy to be in a room with (just because she didnít smile and chatter and be generally jovial herself, it didnít mean she necessarily rejected these traits in others), but that wasnít the only reason. Perhaps it was something about plants behaving in a predictable, rational manner, or that they didnít answer back, or judge her, that made them so appealing. Perhaps flora was just interesting, but that didnít sound like a normal reaction; an obsession with plants was something that could get a person labelled as Ďquirky.í

Apparently there were some other herbology fans in the class, as Jen noticed other hands in the air signifying knowledge of a terrarium. Jen had lifted her hand half-heartedly to the height of her shoulder, because she was not keen to identify herself as a plant freak, nor as a know-it-all in general; the Aladren crest on her robes did that well enough on its own.

The suggestion to take the project home to share with relatives was nice. It had been a big adjustment to move away from her Mom for so long, especially as it had always pretty much been just the two of them. Jen had handled the transition pretty well, and she thought her Mom was still in the stage of enjoying her freedom from a dependent pre-teen, but that didn't mean they sometimes didn't miss each other like crazy. Besides they didnít have their own yard at the apartment in Arizona, so it might be refreshing to have their own little terrarium paradise. Not the same, but close as they were gonna get.

Pleased with both the project and the ability to get on with it by herself, Jen approached some of the plants to beginning planning in her mind what her arrangement might look like. The assignment didnít actually include researching the plants they selected, but Jen was going to do it anyway. Some of these specimens were alien to her, and she wanted to know how best to care for her creation. Also if they were going to do weird stuff like expel pus when she touched them, she was gonna want to know about that. These were both perfectly reasonable excuses for extra research, Jen consoled herself, and did not mean she had an unhealthy obsession with plantlife.

Scanning the central table from behind her black-framed glasses, Jen liked the look of a pale, puffy-looking plant, and some dark green fronds, as well as some bright, lime green vegetation that looked like somebody had spray-painted a sea urchin. There were some polished stones in co-ordinating hues. Jen reached for a small chunk of what she suspected might be amethyst, but her hand collided with that of another student, probably after the same thing. Jen hesitated. The polite thing was probably to withdraw her interest and offer the rock up to the other interested party, but she had no intention of doing that. She looked at the other student, allowing them to speak first. Perhaps they would be the better person and she could have the pretty purple stone.

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    • Terrarium Paradise - Jennifer White (Aladren), Tue Jun 20 15:27
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        • You're talking to yourself again - Jen White, Tue Jul 25 16:13
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          • It's better than talking to you - Cleo, Sun Jul 30 23:16
            Normally, getting her own way made Cleo happy. Trust Jen to somehow be able to ruin even that. Cleo had been perfectly willing to be fair and play for the stone but Jen had turned her down, and was... more
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