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Professor Xavier
Intermediate Herbology: The Pegasus Bush
Fri Jul 7, 2017 13:04

Nathan Xavier stood before his intermediate class and smiled. There was nothing unusual in this. Nathan started every class with a smile for his students. This smile, however, had less to do with cheerful greetings and more to do with excited anticipation. It wasn't hard to tell the difference. "Good news, everyone," he announced in lieu of his normal daily welcome. He had said hello to everyone as they arrived and got back their last homework assignment, so the class greeting was deemed redundant and not worth the extra seconds it would take on this occasion.

"The pegasus bush foaled last night!" he exclaimed happily, unable to keep it in any longer. They had been studying the pegasus bush for the last couple of weeks, watching the bud form, develop, and grow attached to its parent bush.

Now the bud was planted in the dirt beside its parent, entirely independent. It stood on its own four roots, a tiny little miniature of its fully grown relative, though its leaves were a brighter lighter green than the duller grey-green of the mature bush. It already closely resembled the winged horses that gave the bush its name, and it tossed its leafy mane and whinnied rather adorably as Nathan revealed the pair to the class, removing the blanket that had been protecting them from the beginner class during the last period.

"You may take a few minutes to study the foal. You may touch it if you like, but be gentle. The parent bush will swat at you if it thinks you are hurting its offspring."

Nathan hovered nearby as each student got to take a close look at the baby pegasus bush and gently touch it if they so chose. Once everyone had a turn, he handed out worksheets for everyone to fill out.

"You may work together, if you like, but I want each of you to turn in your own copy," he instructed. "You have fifteen minutes, then we'll go over the last bit of the Pegasus Bush chapter. There will be a chapter quiz at the beginning of next class, so you can start your review now if you finish your worksheet early."

OOC: The worksheet has questions like "What color are the leaves of a juvenile pegasus bush?" and "True/False: A pegasus bush can fly." (It can't, it is actually a bush with roots that hold it to the Earth.) You may make up additional questions and fun facts about this entirely fictional plant that I made up, but the basics are that it looks like a pegasus, it can toss its head and flap its wings and whinny in equine fashion but it is, essentially, just an animated topiary bush that reproduces asexually by budding.

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