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Jen White
You're talking to yourself again
Tue Jul 25, 2017 16:13

Of course it was Cleo. Jen hadnít been able to ascertain whether Cleo was aggravating and rude to everyone or if she was making particular efforts to ensure Jen didnít like her. Either way, she was the only person in the year - wait, the whole school, in fact - who had not met Jenís especially low standards for an acceptable acquaintance. She wasnít actively avoiding the other girl, because that took more effort than Jen was willing to put into a non-existent relationship with someone she didnít like, but she couldnít recall an encounter in which Cleo hadnít snapped at her or glared at her or been otherwise unpleasant, so if there were other people around to talk to then Cleo was bumped right to the bottom of Jenís list.

The other girl offered to play for the stone she evidently wanted too, and her tone suggested she was as displeased about this turn of events as Jen was herself. Jen was torn. On the one hand, Cleo was giving her the opportunity to play for the amethyst, which, combined with the apology when theyíd bumped, surprised Jen because she hadnít gotten the impression Cleo thought of her as a fellow human being, equal in rights to her in selecting stones for a herbology terrarium. On the other hand, having to play rock, paper, scissors was not only dumb, but also forced Jen to interact with Cleo, and either win against her (yet another thing for the strange person who prefered making enemies over friends to hold against her) or lose against her, and not get the stone. Actually that felt like the preferable scenario in the moment.

ďYou just have it,Ē Jen sighed, resigned with a little frustration. She liked the rock but it was just a dumb rock. This way she got to look like the bigger person and she turned down Cleoís offer of fair game, which gave her a sense of petty satisfaction. She could just find another amethyst or probably just get her Mom to bring her one from the museum gift shop or something.

  • Hell is other people. Especially you. - Cleo James, Crotalus, Thu Jul 13 10:12
    In the first part if the term, Herbology had easily been Cleo's favourite thing in school. It had now slipped to second only because she was helping tend the vegetable patch in her free time. Whilst... more
    • You're talking to yourself again - Jen White, Tue Jul 25 16:13
      • It's better than talking to you - Cleo, Sun Jul 30 23:16
        Normally, getting her own way made Cleo happy. Trust Jen to somehow be able to ruin even that. Cleo had been perfectly willing to be fair and play for the stone but Jen had turned her down, and was... more
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