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It's better than talking to you
Sun Jul 30, 2017 23:16

Normally, getting her own way made Cleo happy. Trust Jen to somehow be able to ruin even that. Cleo had been perfectly willing to be fair and play for the stone but Jen had turned her down, and was now huffing and having a great big attitude over the whole thing. If she wasn't willing to give in graciously, she could have played for the stone. Now she just seemed determined to spoil Cleo having it. Geez, what was her problem? Jen also clearly wanted Cleo to feel like she'd done her a favour, and like hell she was going to let that happen.

It took her a moment to register Jen's statement fully. It. She had said Cleo could have it, singular. If she had wanted a black rock, wouldn't she have said them, or suggested one each? Did Jen - frowning, colour hating Jen - want a pretty, sparkly rock? It seemed impossible but her statement didn't make sense for the black ones.

"Which one did you actually want?" she clarified, not fully managing to keep the exasperation out of her tone, at this prolonged and overly complicated interaction with someone who was really good at pushing her buttons.

  • You're talking to yourself again - Jen White, Tue Jul 25 16:13
    Of course it was Cleo. Jen hadnít been able to ascertain whether Cleo was aggravating and rude to everyone or if she was making particular efforts to ensure Jen didnít like her. Either way, she was... more
    • It's better than talking to you - Cleo, Sun Jul 30 23:16
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